Love Island’s Hayley Hughes reveals the super simple secret behind her model physique

We jetted to Mallorca to meet the 2018 ILove Island/I contestants, have a root around in their makeup bags and mentally couple them up (obviously). Here’s everything we learnt about Hayley Hughes…

A fresh batch of hot young singletons are preparing to descend on the Love Island villa in a matter of days.

While you’ve seen their official photos and probably perused their Instagram, GLAMOUR UK wanted to find out exactly what the soon-to-be-superstars are really like.

The producers have been contacting Hayley Hughes for several years to try and get her on ILove Island/I

“The producers had contacted me via Instagram in previous years but I’ve had boyfriends. Every year I said I’d do Love Island if I wasn’t in a relationship, so I decided this was my year. I’m not like an influencer but obviously if you do modelling, like me, you have to show yourself off and look your best on Instagram so that is probably why they contacted me.

Hayley’s last-minute Love Island workout regime

The producers only contacted me a few weeks ago so I haven’t really had time to think about it all. I do go to the gym but I’m not consistent with it. I eat what I want, and when I do that I’ve got to go to the gym. I’ve been doing squats in my room in preparation for Monday.

Hayley definitely won’t have sex on TV

“I won’t have sex on telly. Everyone keeps saying ‘oh, everyone says that,’ but it’s nine weeks. If he really likes me, he can wait. I like to keep my sex life personal behind closed doors. There’s nothing wrong with a kiss; I just don’t want to have sex on TV. I wouldn’t judge others for having sex; I’d just have to put something in my ears if they’re having sex or go to another room.

First look: This is the beauty accessory that the Love Island cast will be wearing in the villa

She’s a girl’s girl – until you go after her man!

I’m quite laidback but this is an intense environment. I wouldn’t confront someone in front of people because that’s belittling – I’d pull them over to one side if I have a problem. I’m a girl’s girl… until she’s got my man!

Hayley’s surprising celebrity crush

Every girl says they’re type is ‘tall, dark and handsome’ but I want him to have a personality. I want someone who makes me laugh. I like Mark Wright because he used to be a bad boy but I like how he changed for Michelle Keegan.

She wants to emulate Michelle Keegan’s career

I’m obsessed with her and her career has been amazing. After the island, I want to continue with my modelling but I want to go more into my acting career because I go to drama school. I had a casting for Hollyoaks but I’m happy that I didn’t hear back because something better was around the corner.

There certainly was!

After a first look at the official merchandise and the new love island cast of 2018, the time is FINALLY upon us. That’s right, people, it’s time to wave goodbye to your social life for eight weeks because Love Island 2018 is officially here – but it’s not too late to apply for Love Island 2018 so act fast!

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