June 24, 2024

Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen is set to be your latest true-crime obsession

Love & Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen, is set to blow your minds with its real-life inspired story of a housewife driven to kill in suburban Texas.

Love Death starring Elizabeth Olsen is set to be your latest truecrime obsession

Back in the early eighties, Candy Montgomery, a churchgoing mother and wife, who appeared to have the perfect life, was accused of killing her friend Betty Gore after embarking on an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan.

What made the story even more shocking was the fact that Candy had an axe in hand, which she later said she used as an act of self-defence against Betty, with a polygraph proving it. She was later acquitted on the grounds of self-defence.

The crime was so sensationalised at the time that it hit headlines across the globe. While Candy now lives a quiet life in the state of Georgia, people have long been theorising about what actually happened during the fateful day, which gave way to her case being given the Hollywood treatment, with some of the industry’s biggest names attached to it.

And with Love & Death already winning critical acclaim in America, we know we can look forward to Elizabeth acting her socks off when the limited series officially comes to the UK.

So what can we expect from Love & Death? Read ahead to find out more. . .

What is the plot of Love & Death?

The official synopsis of the series reads: «Love & Death tells the true story of Candy and Pat Montgomery and Betty and Allan Gore — two churchgoing couples enjoying their small-town Texas life… until an extramarital affair leads somebody to pick up an axe. »

The series, which has seven episodes, is bound to be excellent as it comes from creator David E. Kelley, who has brought us the likes of Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers.

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