July 17, 2024

Looks Like The Mandalorian Is Taking Us to Tython

The Mandalorian has taken us to a handful of different planets, but we’re about to explore perhaps one of the most important. During the Nov. 27 episode, titled “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” Mando (Pedro Pascal) and The Child, whose real name is Grogu, find Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) on Corvus.

The duo hope that Ahsoka – who was Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan before he became Darth Vader – can instruct the Yoda kin. However, she senses a darkness in Grogu similar to Anakin’s and refuses to train him. She instead instructs Mando and Grogu to go to the planet Tython, where they can attempt to contact other Jedi at a temple.

So, where exactly is Tython, and why is it important? According to Star Wars Legends, Tython is located in the Deep Core region and shares an important history with the Jedi. Thousands of years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, the eight-pyramid starship Tho Yor brought species from different galaxies to the planet, which bolstered the energy of the Force. The arrivals learned to harness the mystic powers, built the nine Je’daii Temples, and formed the Je’Daii Order.

But after Tython’s two moons, Ashla and Bogan, were misaligned and the Je’Daii Order was unable to maintain balance, the ancient organization split into the dark side and the light side. The former became known as the Bogan Je’daii while the latter regrouped as the Jedi Order. The clashing coteries then fought in a 10-year battle known as the Force Wars.

THE MANDALORIAN, from left: Pedro Pascal (as The Mandalorian), The Child (aka Baby Yoda), (Season 2, premiered Oct. 30, 2020). photo: Disney+/Lucasfilm / Courtesy Everett Collection

The Mandalorian has previously recanonized Legends plots, so it wouldn’t come as a shock if they tie in the Jedi origin. Plus, bringing Grogu back to where it all started would be a fun nod to his Force-sensitive lineage. But once he arrives, he’ll have to decide: reach out to the Jedi – potentially putting him and Mando in harm’s way if Imperial devotees sense their presence – or allow his Force powers to fade away. A choice he must make.

Pixar’s Soul Almost Had a Different Ending That Would’ve Majorly Changed Joe’s Fate

Pixar’s Soul is an emotional investment from start to finish, but it turns out the ending almost went in a different direction. Fans of the animated film know Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) fights his hardest to avoid the Great Beyond after his death and return to his body on Earth.

His efforts finally succeed, when he least expects them to, thanks to his ability to help a directionless new soul (22, voiced by Tina Fey) find her spark. In a recent interview, however, the filmmakers who crafted the story revealed Joe’s fate wasn’t always clear-cut.

SOUL, small figures from left: 22 (voice: Tina Fey), Joe Gardner (voice: Jamie Foxx), Terry (voice: Rachel House), 2020. Disney+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Man, that ending sparked more debate than I think any other element of the film. ”

Directors Kemp Powers and Pete Docter, and producer Dana Murray told Entertainment Tonight they were undecided on the ending “up until the last screening. ” Murray said, “For a long time, Joe did go to The Great Beyond. There was a lot of debating back and forth, but I think the more we saw him live his life and just thinking about his mother, Libba, and all these different factors, it felt like the right ending, that he needed to be able to go enjoy his life in the way he wanted to, because he’d learned so much throughout the film. ”

Powers elaborated, saying alternate endings exist where Joe doesn’t get his old life back. “We have versions of the ending where Joe does not go back to his body, where he actually stays dead,” he said. “We have versions of the ending where you see Joe on Earth a year later. Man, that ending sparked more debate than I think any other element of the film. ” Viewers may never get to see those alternate cuts, but I, for one, am glad we got the ending that we did. Joe Gardner deserved his second chance.

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