Locked Down But Not Out

Don’t hide away, keep yourself in touch with your clients to keep those all important relationships strong. Whether that means going Live on Facebook for a few minutes each week to say hello, catch up with clients and share your beauty knowledge to keep your clients feeling good at home or chanelling your energy into a beauty blog to share to your social media.

Whatever creative medium you find most interesting and easy, do it. We promise your clients will thank you for it. It’ll remind them exactly who they need back in their diaries once you’re able to open back up again.

So we may be in lockdown and we know it is hard juggling childcare, homeschooling, keeping a beauty business running ready for things to reopen and just staying well yourself.

This time is the perfect opportunity though, with just a few focused minutes each day to begin building something amazing for your beauty business to ensure you might be locked down but your business will certainly bounce right back again…

Keep Learning

So you might only have a couple of hours each week for something new but instead of smashing your way through endless boxsets on Netflix, invest this time in your future. We promise you’ll feel great for it once you have that fab new certificate to add your to CV. We have online courses that you can access through our Online Student Portal 24/7 so do as litle or as much each day as you wish.

Or our amazing new Virtual Academy courses require to you join us for a Zoom based online training session with our top beauty tutors taking just 2-3 hours. And what’s more, our Virtual Academy courses are ABT accredited too. Just think how happy your clients will be when you come back offering incredible treatments such as Lash Lift, Hybrid Lash Extensions, Henna Brows or Gel in a Bottle nails, all right on their doorstep!

And if you’re just starting out, don’t miss our Online Business Course to help you plan your business brand and ensure a successful launch once lockdown ends.

Build your Empire Online

Ok, so you can’t get out to clients or to the salon right now but that doesn’t mean clients can’t come to you online. So whether that is getting your business online with a shiny new website or even going as far as online retailing. There are free website making platforms such as Wix.com that offer some beautiful template options making getting online a cinch. As for online retailing, you might choose to clear out your salon based retail stock by having an online store or selling through your social media using secure PayPal payments and delivery services like Hermes.

Or you might look at companies such as the Body Shop (or many of the companies offering vegan, ethical or health based products, find your niche). Offer an online catalogue and you can simply drop off your sales as part of your daily exercise by staying local with your clientele to really make those daily steps work for you. If your beauty business doesn’t have a social media page yet, get on it! Now is also a great time to shout about what you do having a regular #tbt throwback to highlight photos of your recent work and encourage clients to share your page perhaps for the chance to win a voucher or free service once you reopen.

Get Planning

Plan for the rest of this year so perhaps promotions or a new salon launch for once this is all over. Or maybe take this opportunity to scrap your old image, get a new logo and price list. Perhaps you’ve been desperate to reinvent your salon, now is a great time to plan how to redecorate or essential changes such as a new layout once you’re back in the salon. Or maybe you just want to get organised.

Now is a fab time to clean out your mobile kit, clean all your products thoroughly, scrap any odds and ends etc. When things get going again, rest assured it’ll be hectic with all the many clients who have lost their lash extensions, overgrown nail extensions, faded spray tans, huge dark root growth or bikini hair that could require a hedge trimmer. Whatever it is you do, you want to be ready to take it on and do it to the best of your ability.

And rest…

Don’t forget with all the chaos of just living day to day at the minute, you don’t have to be busy every minute of the day. Don’t forget to take some time for you whether that is taking up healthier habits like eating better (put down the biscuits), walking more, sleeping better or just being mindful to take a deep breath and enjoy the day. It is rare we get an opportunity to think about what we want for the future (and what we don’t). Now is a great time to grab a notebook and jot down what makes you happy, what doesn’t, what you want and what you need and not least where you want to be this time next year and so on. Make simple goals and simple changes and stay positive.

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