This £33 hair treatment originally made for Audrey Hepburn is what every A-list hairdresser swears by for damaged ends

The Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer was originally invented specifically for the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star, who we all know is just about the chicest icon who ever lived.

Philip Kingsley wanted to give her something that would nourish and moisturise her hair, which was obviously styled, primped and dried all the time on movie sets. It’s a pre-shampoo intensive treatment that should make your hair elastic, bouncy and shiny. It also provides UV protection for treated hair.

Look, if it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it’s good enough for us.

Celebrity and associate colourist at Josh Wood Colour, Jason Hogan, has just revealed that the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has been his go-to hair treatment for years.

“It’s a saviour for blondes with dry brittle ends, damaged hairlines and curls that have lost their bounce,” he tells GLAMOUR. “The product does exactly what it says on the box and puts the elasticity back in the hair by delivering much needed moisture back to your parched strands.”

Jason promises you’ll notice a difference to your hair after just one application and it’ll only get better the more you use it. “With home care, I like to make things easy and I tell all my clients to slightly dampen their hair in the evening and work the product through with the tangle teaser so every strand is covered in this rich oil cream mask.

Put your hair up in a topknot and sleep with the product until morning allowing the hair to be bathing in it overnight and you’ll wake up to silkiness, suppleness, elasticity, bounce and strength.”

Well. We’re sold.

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