May 24, 2024

Lizzo Just Revealed Her After-Concert SkinCare Routine

If anyone can use “too busy” as an excuse to skip her nighttime skin care routine, it’s Emmy- and Grammy-winning actor-songwriter-singer-designer-host-dancer-flautist Lizzo. But she still makes time for it because, well, she’s Lizzo!

The “Truth Hurts” singer took to her favourite platform, TikTok, to share her “get unready” routine from her tour, telling followers that her skin has been breaking out. She reminded everyone that there’s “nothing wrong” with textured skin and specified that her issue is “itchiness, and the irritation,” which she treats with a combination of Cetaphil face wash on her face and chest at the recommendation of her makeup artist, followed by an “arnica relief rescue mask. ”

After that sinks in, she slaps on a serum sheet mask, which she leaves on until it’s dry.

In a follow-up TikTok recorded the next morning, the “Rumors” singer says her skin is feeling much better, and she credits a custom-made satin pillowcase with helping her reduce irritation on the road. Honestly, using our own pillowcases when we travel sounds like a good idea. Who knows how often Airbnb hosts do their laundry, honestly?

Also, please note that her sleep shirt has her own face on it. Dying. Adorable. Love.

Frankly, this is one of the more, ahem, believable celebrity skin care routine reveals I’ve seen in a while. Not that I doubt that models use their own brands night and day, oh no, but this seems actually…doable? With products she’s not earning commission from? (Potential Yitty-branded pillowcases aside. ) Thank you, Lizzo, for keeping it real as always.

Just a couple weeks ago, she opened up about her honest response to the unfortunate criticism she sometimes gets online and from the media. “I saw a tweet, ‘Say what you want about Lizzo,’ and I was like, What are people saying? ” she said in a Vanity Fair interview. “I saw a picture of me laughing, and someone said she seems to have a lot of fun with her fans. Yeah, I do have fun, because if I’m not having fun right now, when am I going to be able to enjoy having a hot, rockin’ bod, being young, beautiful, and rich? ”

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