June 21, 2024

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One witty girl called them “dog probes” – but the owners insist that they have everything really: mind, honor, conscience, curiosity – just in a very small body. In Novosibirsk, the fashion for Yorkshire terriers and other crumbs came about three years ago.

This is evidenced by breeders, and observations with the naked eye: in the last couple of years, girls with dogs in coffee houses, nightclubs and for some reason shoe stores have become notable characters. The correspondent of SE found out the price of the question and the secret reasons for establishing it either as a friend or as an accessory.

Girls start small dogs because of loneliness and envy of man’s dignity

Historical barking It is

physically tolerable to wear as a dog clutch up to three kilograms. For example, aYorkshire terrier. Yorkie withdrawn in the late XIX century in England. An instructive story for those who consider them to be sissies will be the story of the Smokey Terrier, who revived in the middle of the twentieth century in the US a faded fashion for Yorkies: a dog, selected by an American pilot, went through war with him, participated in combat sorties, raised the morale of fellow soldiers by various tricks and was glorified by the press as the smallest soldier of World War II.

Yorks, bored on a citizen, also have their merits: they are similar in character to “real” big terriers and practically do not shed. Russian toy terriers(long-haired and short-haired) were bred in the USSR in the middle of the twentieth century when they tried to restore the breed of English toy terriers popular in prerevolutionary Russia. Chihuahua– officially the smallest breed (from a record 500 grams to 3 kilograms) – roots in pre-Columbian Mexico.

Paradoxically, on sneezes, not only the role model of blondes in the law of Elle Woods is obsessed, but also the role model of brutal and tragic men – Mickey Rourke.

“What is the difference between a chihuahua and a large dog? Nothing! – the owner of the nursery “With the Tushino House”, Irina Tushina, laughs. “I’ve been breeding the Staffordshire terriers for fifteen years, and then it turned out that the sneeze was Stafford in miniature: excellent character, punchy, nothing to fear, ready to fight! ”

Fluffy orchard

“Puppies chihuahua cost from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, some are sold and more expensive,” Irina Tushina comments. – 10 thousand rubles is a pet-class puppy, a pet favorite, and 30-40 thousand rubles is a show class, a puppy with an exhibition future. ” A puppy of a Yorkshire terrier, as Natalia Kalinina explains, the owner of the kennel “Siberian prestige”, costs 25 thousand for a pet-class up to 50 thousand for a show class.

The beginning of the fashion for small dogs three or four years ago was marked by the appearance of the first zoosalons, which offer haircut services and other beauty, and Yorkies constitute the main clientele. Manicure, which includes not only pruning and polishing claws, but also nail art with varicolored varnishes in the salon “Dude”, according to the price tag on the official website, it costs about 700 rubles. Workout on the treadmill – 15 rubles per minute.

In preparation for the exhibition, dogs are offered not only a haircut with styling, but also spa treatments: relaxing massage, nourishing mask and so on.

Dress up a princess in a frilly in a frill will help in many pet stores, however, many knit and sew sweaters, dress, hats and tracksuits to order dogs. It is worth a pink blouse on average from 500 rubles and almost to infinity.

In the name of Paris Hilton

Any owner of a medium or veal dog at least once envied the owners of a pocket variant. With the “normal watchdog” will not be allowed into the store (in the usual supermarket for a loaf and yogurt), and leave the dog at the door for various reasons unpleasant (someone is afraid of the dog, someone – for passers-by). And the very idea that small dogs can go to the toilet in a tray, like cats, sometimes plunges the owners of other breeds into depression – especially on a rainy and cold autumn evening.

However, it is difficult to deny that the popularity of small dogs is provoked not only by convenience, but also by TV (plus the social glossy in gloss).

This is not the first time that media make a breed popular. Before that, there were collies inspired by the film “Lassie”, Airedale terriers from “Adventure Electronics” and labradors who should say “thank you” to our ex-president. None of them, however, was so close to the living accessory, which they carry along with the bag and decorate the color of their shoes.

Breeders do not consider that work as a decoration for crumbs is excruciating. “They are terribly loving and curious,” explains Ms. Tushina. – Therefore, sit on the handles of the owner and look at the world for them happiness. ”Of course, here, too, you need to know the measure. “Yorkshire terriers are very moving and cheerful dogs, so it’s not very natural to sit with a doll for them,” warns Natalia Kalinina.

“It can be assumed that at the level of the unconscious woman, which is constantly shown by a small dog, it is driven by a certain envy of the phallus, which she tries to compensate.

Among the items that replace the phallus – a car, a mobile phone – and the dog can continue this series, – commented psychotherapist Alexander Butskikh. – If we talk about the demonstration of power and the great opportunities that all these phallic symbols bear, the dog is particularly effective here. Unlike, for example, an expensive phone for the same 30 thousand rubles, it also requires a constant investment of money. ”

By itself, the popularity of smaller breeds, which buyers began to prefer to large dogs, indicates social stability. “Stability for a significant part of the population has already come, that is, there is no need to expect any special changes,” Alexander Butskikh explains. – In the 1990s, the world changed both in terms of new opportunities, and in terms of new threats – and in fashion were dog-bodyguards. Now the people have calmed down, and this can be traced in the preference of small and peaceful dogs. Plus, loneliness is increasing, the society is being atomized, in which horizontal connections are broken, and therefore the desire to find a safe partner is natural. “

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