June 17, 2024

List of the most common makeup mistakes that grow old and make you look ridiculous

Why are we painted? Perhaps it did not occur to anyone that the purpose of makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty of the face, and not make you unrecognizable.

In makeup, the main thing is the face, not the paint, and if you remember this, then make a very beautiful (read: natural) make-up will be easier. The main rule of good make-up is better than under-It is pardonable to look pale, theatrical makeup most often causes perplexity and grin. But both are errors. How to avoid them, learned correspondent SHE.

By the way, naturalness does not necessarily imply light invisible colors, as in make-up in the style of nude. Rather, this concept denotes makeup, allowing you to see the natural traits, filed in the most favorable light.

The trends of this season are bright colors, so you can not be afraid to use colored shadows and catchy lipstick. But the main thing about what, you need to remember – whether it comes to you or it turns out that the make-up, of course, is impressive, but the girl is not very good.

Mirrors of the soul

“The most ridiculous thing a girl can do with herself is to draw intricate eyebrows,” says stylist Maria Lipatnikova. – Especially bad look graphical coal-black eyebrows on the face of a blonde. ” How to act to make the eyebrows expressive, but not rude? Draw them not with a solid line, but with strokes of hair.

Black pencil can only use brunettes, light brown and blondes suitable for dark brown, brown, gray colors.

Turn your eyes into a gray, blue or brown spot using shadows to tone the eyes. Perhaps, in order to preserve and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes with shadows, it is worth selecting them, at least not falling into the shade of the iris. “You can make a border between the shadows and the eye, for example, by color contrasting podvodkoj”, – prompts Maria Lipatnikova. The contrasting colors of shadows are good in any case: for example, to the brown eyes the blue scale is suitable, gray-blue – beige-brown.

Como carcasses and piled mother of pearl in the folds of the century – a typical mistake of hand made make-up. “I do not recommend using pearl shadows during the day,” says Maria Lipatnikova. “In the sunlight, their shine is lost, and wrinkles are well emphasized. ”

On the face

A big mistake will be choosing the tone for the face, focusing on the color that you like, not the real shade of the skin. “The biggest mistake I think is the wrong choice of tonal remedy,” Denis Gorbunov, the stylist and make-up artist “Persona” shares her observations. – Often girls choose a color on tone-one and a half more darkly – to seem more sunburnt. It looks like it’s gone. ”

Dense structures in the afternoon – one more defect, as well as a thick layer of powder. Fashionable now pearl, golden, in general – shining powder is not always acceptable. “For everyday use, active glare is unnecessary,” says Irina Zmicherovskaya, a makeup artist. “It’s better to use it in the evening, to create an image. ”

Gently pink, peach blush can improve the complexion, corrector – they are usually dark beige, brown – to model the oval. If the first are appropriate day and night and are well refreshed, then the second day use is not recommended – the smears are very noticeable and look like age spots.

In addition, there is a problem with the application of blush. “Many women put the color not on the cheekbones, but on the cheeks below, getting a tough, aggressive expression of the face,” Denis Gorbunov emphasizes.

Cupid’s bow

One of the serious mistakes of lip makeup is the wrong choice of lipstick color. Here you can go to two extremes – to get too pale or too dark. Make-up a la Brigitte Bardot, in which the emphasis is on the eyes, and the lips are poorly marked with very pale beige lipstick, is good for young girls with a delicate complexion. Girls slightly older, and especially those over thirty, with pale lipsticks need to be more careful – the lack of color on the lips makes the face tired.

“We need color,” says Maria Lipatnikova. – But it is important not to fall into the other extreme – for example, dense wine tones to very few people go and are very old. The ideal option for everyone is soft fresh shades with a reddish tint, with gloss and a moisturizing effect. ”

The shape of the lips can be corrected even by glitter, but often the girls use the pencil for clarity. Lip pencil should match with the tone of lipstick – the dark looks rough and can give the effect of a clown mask, the lighter tone is generally eliminated. The desire to make the lips more plump is understandable, but experience suggests that to draw a line beyond the natural line of the lips so that it was noticeable and did not seem smeared with lipstick, only professionals can. At home, make a choice in favor of lipsticks with glitter, lighten the middle of the lips – this will give a slight swelling effect.

No gray weekdays

You have slept, feel well, but for some reason you are sympathetic to saying: “Tired? ” – what’s the matter? “In the gray tones of cosmetics,” explains the American make-up artist Elke von Furstenberg. – Colors that contain gray shades: greyish-pink blush, pinkish-lilac lipstick, grayish eye shadow, even the makeup base can be grayish. Gray color creates illusion of unhealthy appearance. To see the true color, apply a little of any makeup on white paper. What color do you see? Gray? We are getting rid of them. ”

And one more important moment – do not make the application of make-up a routine. Let you rehearse movements for many years apply a tone, mascara, blush, shine – try to wake up during make-up and look at your face as someone else’s, which you as a make-up artist need to decorate. Daily interest in yourself will help you always look fresh and cute.

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