Lipstick application is perfect for those CBA makeup days

Having done the rounds online, the hack involves pursing your lips tightly together so you can only just see the outer lines of them. Then taking a liner, go over these edges and a little into the fold between the pursed top and bottom lip.

TikTok has given us hacks for everything in makeup – there’s a slick way to now apply just about anything, and now there’s a new lip application hack too, working for both lip liner and lipstick. It’s a lazy makeup wearer’s dream.

Then it gets interesting – taking a lipgloss or liquid lipstick (basically, you need a doe foot applicator or something thin to slot in between tightly pressed lips), draw it over the lips going into the fold again.

Once enough is on, give lips a little rub together. Then the magic happens – open your lips and not only should they be expertly drawn on, the liner won’t be overdrawn too much and lips will appear fuller.

Sounds too good to be true, right? The TikTok influencers insist it works though, and there are plenty of tutorials out there demoing the hack.

These are some of our favourites to show you how to do it.

So, naturally, we had to give it a go too. For GLAMOUR Tries – our weekly Instagram series which sees GLAMOUR editors do all of the time-consuming beauty work for you – Beauty and Entertainment Assistant Sheilla Mamona trialled the lip hack. “It essentially just gives you a really easy way of achieving the perfect lip line,” she said. “It’s actually really good. It’s better than what I could have done with a free hand.

It went over the lip line just ever so slightly to give a bigger and more plumped lip, but not too much. This is super simple but I’m actually really impressed!”

But don’t just take our (and TikTok’s) word for it – give it a whirl next time you want an easily achievable, full pout. You might just discover your favourite new way to apply lippy.

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