Lips puffed up

List of beauty procedures that can harm your health. Experiments that people put on themselves in the name of beauty, amaze with cruelty.

The most famous example is, perhaps, the leaden whites with which the beautiful ladies of the Middle Ages successfully brought themselves to the grave. Slightly less known is the hair removal in the US in the first half of the 20th century with the help of X-rays, which took many lives.

We live in a much more studied and informed world. Here, horror stories about popular cosmetic procedures in most cases do not receive evidence – provided that everything is done correctly.

On the other hand, almost any cosmetic procedure, as doctors emphasize, can be potentially dangerous in case of dishonest performance. SHE finds out which procedures should be approached particularly seriously and carefully.

Beauty injections

Help: Mesotherapy for the face – a superficial introduction of complexes of drugs that stimulate the regeneration of the skin. “Botox” and “Disport” – preparations based on botulinum neurotoxin, temporarily “turning off” the muscle responsible for the formation of wrinkles. All procedures in recent years are considered as an alternative to plastic surgery. The effect lasts an average of six months to a year. 

“The first among potentially dangerous in poor-quality performance – all injection procedures,” comments Olga Golodnikova, a cosmetician at the Estomed Center. – So, poor-quality work with mesotherapy can be expressed in the wrong selection of drugs, which in turn can lead to an allergic reaction down to anaphylactic shock.

And with improper administration of the drug can be a blockage of blood vessels up to tissue necrosis. Of course, these are rare reactions, but still possible. ” 

Allergic reactions to Botox are unlikely. As unconfirmed horror stories in the press, rumors circulate that he is drying his skin. “I’m calm about Botox, not for and not against,” commented dermato-venereologist of the Center for New Medical Technologies, candidate of medical sciences Dmitry Kozhevnikov. – The only “but” – one can not confidently talk about the long-term consequences of using the drug, which is used for only ten years. So far no problems, I do not see. Low-quality drugs, improper performance is another matter. ”

The general opinion of cosmetologists: the worst thing that can happen with an unsuccessful injection of “Botox” or “Disport” – violations of facial expressions, which completely disappear in a few months. Here, however, you need to make a reservation that it is a failure of a doctor who uses a certified drug in medical conditions – “illegal” experiments are unpredictable. 

And, finally, we must not forget that any violation of the integrity of the skin – and this is injections, and deep peeling, and permanent make-up – can lead to infection if sterility is not observed.

Combat coloring

Help: Permanent make-up (tattoo) – a cosmetic procedure in which a dye, gradually disappearing for several years, is introduced into the upper subcutaneous layer of eyelids, eyebrows and lips. 

“Permanent make-up should be performed on modern equipment with high-quality materials – preferably European manufacturers. If the cost of the zone, for example, eyebrows below 3,000 rubles – should be pricked up, “- warns Anna Borzenkova, a dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Sharm clinic. 

Substandard materials, if they do not lead to an allergic reaction, can corruptly change the color, turning neat tabs into shocking green strokes.

However, even with high-quality performance, an overly bright tattoo can eventually become a source of psychological and physical itching, not physical. With a request to amend or remove the tattoo made in other clinics, according to Anna Borzenkova, customers often turn (it is possible, but expensive – to remove annoying makeup with a laser costs about 1000 rubles per square centimeter).

Brush to shine.

Reference: Chemical peeling is a procedure in which acids remove the upper layers of the skin so that young cells take their place.

Like “beauty injections,” chemical peelings are a very aggressive procedure, requiring a cosmetologist with a higher medical education. A specialist error here can lead to scars or increased pigmentation (the danger of remaining spotty increases in summer, when a cleaned face is almost impossible to hide from the sun).

However, if you do not get to anti-aging heavy artillery, even the usual cleaning of the face, conducted inappropriately, can worsen the situation. 

“Cosmetologists are going to treat acne with local cleansers instead of sending the client to the doctor and to reveal the causes of the disease,” comments Dmitry Kozhevnikov. – As a result, the flora is scattered all over the face. It has been said many times that peels and the like are carried out only on the skin, not prone to acute inflammatory reactions. ”

Hot smoking

Some girls include a solarium in the list of “general grooming” – along with a neat hairstyle and manicure. Which allows us to recognize it as the most harmful cosmetic procedure. “You need to use the solarium very carefully, after consulting with the doctor,” says Margarita Zabramskaya. “Strongly it is impossible for those who have many birthmarks.”

“In my opinion, a solarium can be used only in small doses to obtain a charge of vivacity in our northern latitudes, but not in order to obtain a southern tan. Many articles have already been written about this and many conferences have been held, “says Dmitry Kozhevnikov. – And the conclusion is one: to anything, except for the early aging of the skin and neoplasms – including malignant ones, it does not.

A girl who is intensely sunbathing from the age of 20 will, by the age of 30, discover serious problems that are practically not amenable to correction: when mechanisms of loss of moisture, skin aging are already started, it is very difficult to stop them. ” 

What to do?

Each of the serious cosmetic procedures has an impressive list of contraindications. Practically for all, the common period is pregnancy, lactation and menstruation, but they are far from exhausted. Having studied this list yourself, it is desirable to hear it again – from the doctor-cosmetologist.

Propensity to allergic reactions (in this case, preliminary drug tests are needed), the general condition of the organism – all this should cause the specialist a keen interest. “If the cosmetologist easily agrees to all the procedures you want, and does not ask many questions – this is an excuse to be alert,” says Olga Golodnikova.

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