10 Smart Tips for Boosting Your Income

By learning how to upsell, you can build up your income even when other stylists in the salon are struggling. It’s a great business practice because you’re matching your clients with services or products they’ll love while increasing your own profitability from an existing client.

Upselling takes timing and subtlety, but you’ve already done the hard work of earning the client’s trust and business. Here are ten tips for boosting your income from lash and brow clients with upselling.

Upselling in the salon or when you are working mobile is a smart way to boost your income, if you go about it the right way. Remember, every pound counts, and if you’re on a 50/50 split with your salon, you’re adding money to your earnings any time you increase a clients spend.

It might seem like it’s not worth your time to do a £10 brow wax when you’re only going to make £5, but that brow wax will only take you five minutes to do, and it provides an opportunity to upsell additional products or services to that client.

Be Confident

First and foremost, you need to have confidence in both yourself and the product or service that you are recommending. Remember that you are a professional and the client has already accepted you as an expert, or they wouldn’t be sitting in your salon chair.

Even if it’s your first year working in a salon, your client knows you went to school for this, and they will assume you know everything there is to know about beauty. Don’t be timid when an opportunity presents itself. Most clients will readily admit that they don’t know what they need, and they will welcome your recommendations.

Stress the Convenience and Time-Saving Factor

It seems like everyone is busier than they want to be these days and your customers are no exception. People are always on the lookout for ways to save time and streamline their daily routines. When you bring up products or services they might be interested in, talk about the convenience they offer.

For example, if you have a customer that gets classic lash fills every two weeks, let them know that volume lashes would last a little longer.

Demonstrate the Products

The very best way to upsell a product is to use it on the client and subtly talk it up as you do so. As you’re cleansing your client’s lashes, mention the name of the cleanser you’re using and point out that it has vitamins to help the lashes grow longer and stronger. If your salon sells aromatherapy products or lotions, start out their service with a brief hand or temple massage featuring your one of your products.

Use the Products Yourself

It’s always a great idea to use the products or have the salon treatments on yourself so that you can speak from personal experience. For example, when your client walks in and says, “Wow, Julie your skin is just glowing! What are you using?” you can jump right in and tell her, for example, all about the routine system for Korean skincare that you’ve been using.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Avoid asking yes or no questions. Asking open-ended questions gets the client talking and forces them to explain things, which will give you a better understanding of what they want and which products or services to upsell. Open ended questions begin with how, why, when etc.

Personalize Your Recommendations

It’s ok to have basic upselling scripts to use when you’re working on clients, but don’t forget to personalise your recommendations, too. Maybe you’re working on a client with extremely fair lashes… in that case, you could suggest lash tinting. Or for the client who has unruly eyebrows, suggest a brow wax at the same time they get their lash fills done.

Communicate Fully

Be careful not to blindside a client with a big bill they weren’t planning or extending their appointment much longer than they anticipated. When you’re upselling a service, be sure to communicate clearly how much it’s going to cost and how long it will take. You never want them to feel like they’ve been taken advantage of.

Offer Loyalty Programs and Other Incentives

Another great way to get clients to try new products or services is to offer them an incentive. For example, a client that’s been hesitant about trying volume lashes might be more willing to take the plunge when they find out they can get a free fill once they’re paid for nine.

Assume the Upsell

Before taking the client back for their appointment, check their file to see what services or products they’ve had in the past. This will help you know what to upsell at this appointment.

Plant the Seed for a Future Upsell

When you take the time to use these tips to grow your income, you will be expanding your client base and developing loyal clients. Even if they don’t go for the upsell when you recommend it today, they may think about it and do it next time. If she shows an interest in something, be sure to note it in her file so you can bring it up again.

And finally, don’t be in a huge rush to get your client out the door. The more you practice these techniques, the easier and more natural it will get. Each individual upsell you make may not seem like much at the time. But gradually, as you get better and better at upselling, you’ll see your earnings get bigger and bigger.

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