Lemonade – sweet soft drink, usually carbonated. Possesses refreshing properties. Is prepared exclusively from the fruit of the lemon. Although many are mistaken, calling any soft drink lemonade.

In the XVII century was called the lemonade drink prepared from lemon juice and lemon liqueur. Hence its name – Limonade, which means “limenitidinae”. This drink has a yellow color, refreshing taste and aroma of the essential oils of lemon. Poured into a glass, it releases carbon dioxide.

On the labels of soft drinks in the composition, usually specified koler – the so-called burnt sugar. It is produced by heating moist sugar and used as a natural dye. Its solution in water has a dark brown colour and a characteristic pleasant smell.

Calorie lemonade is 26 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition of the lemonade

To make lemonade using sugar, citric acid, and also composition consisting of lemon liqueur, Apple juice and caramel.

The dangers of lemonade

Lemonade in a wide assortment of trading networks and kiosks, is not a healthy beverage, if it has bright sharp colors. Analyzing the composition of most soft drinks, you can make one conclusion – lemonade today are rather the products of the chemical industry than food drinks. They contain many different additives and dyes. Therefore, when buying lemonade be sure to watch the drink on the label.

Lemonade in cooking

The most useful lemonade – home-made. For its production will require carbonated mineral water, lemons (limes, oranges, etc.), ice and sugar. This lemonade remain the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

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