April 20, 2024

Lily-Rose Depp Wants People To Know She’s Not A Nepotism Baby

Lily-Rose Depp has spoken out over nepotism claims as she addressed the criticism that she has only got so far in the industry because of her famous last name.

The 23-year-old, who is the daughter of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French singer Vanessa Paradis, has been doing well in the acting and modelling business for a few years now and will soon star in the hotly-anticipated HBO series, The Idol, alongside The Weeknd.

However, Lily-Rose certainly has something to say to those who have labelled her a «nepotism baby» – insisting that once someone’s «foot is in the door,» succeeding still requires «a lot of work. »

In a candid new interview with Elle, the star explained: “The internet seems to care a lot about that kind of stuff. People are going to have preconceived ideas about you or how you got there, and I can definitely say that nothing is going to get you the part except for being right for the part. ”

She explained, «It’s weird to me to reduce somebody to the idea that they’re only there because it’s a generational thing. It just doesn’t make any sense. If somebody’s mom or dad is a doctor, and then the kid becomes a doctor, you’re not going to be like, ‘Well, you’re only a doctor because your parent is a doctor. ’ It’s like, ‘No, I went to medical school and trained. ’”

Lily-Rose clarified that she wasn’t comparing her work to those who work in medicine, noting that “I just hear it a lot more about women, and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence. ”

«The internet cares a lot more about who your family is than the people who are casting you in things. Maybe you get your foot in the door, but you still just have your foot in the door. There’s a lot of work that comes after that. »

Talking about her life growing up, The King star also acknowledged that her childhood «didn’t look like everybody’s childhood» and dealing with fame rather than that of her parents is something she’s “had to make my own way with. ”

Meanwhile, Lily-Rose is gearing up for her new show, The Idol, which will be released in 2023.

In the wake of Euphoria, Sam Levinson is set to take viewers on a journey described as «the sleaziest love story» with the new show. According to the log lines, the show takes place in Hollywood where The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) plays the role of a self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult – jheeez – and develops a complicated relationship with an up-and-coming pop idol played by Lily-Rose Depp. We’re hooked already!

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