July 17, 2024

Lila Moss talks all things beauty, confidence and growing up

Being the daughter of one of the most revered and in demand supermodels in the world has its advantages – namely that you get to travel the world and enjoy all of the glitz and glam of the fashion industry from an early age.

“I remember when I was two or three, my mum and I were staying at a hotel in New York,” recalls Lila. “She was getting ready to go out, and I saw this super sparkly, deep black eyeshadow on her dressing table. I made one of her friends apply it on me, and spent the rest of the evening tottering around the room in a pair or my mum’s high heels. ”

“I’ve always been passionate about beauty”

The family resemblance between Lila Moss and her supermodel mother Kate is easy to distinguish. The wide, clean smile, the smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and the easy elegance that translates even across the Zoom screen I’m interviewing her through.

She’s warm and relaxed, and clearly has a passion for everything beauty related, from her impressive skincare regimen to her love for the new Marc Jacobs’ perfume Perfect, of which she is the face.

Here, the 17-year-old model recalls evenings spent playing dress up in her mother’s clothes, to how she stays grounded and why fragrance is a comfort to her.

“The smell of jasmine is like a homecoming every time I smell it”

“Outside of our London home, we have this amazing jasmine plant. Usually, I can’t smell it, but if I’m returning from a long trip or if I’ve been away travelling for a while, it’s the first thing I notice. Now, whenever I smell it, I’m instantly reminded of that feeling of being home. It’s incredibly comforting. ”

As well as the zingy, bright top notes of rhubarb and daffodil, Marc Jacobs Perfect also contains warming and comforting scents of almond milk and cashmeran. “It’s fresh and feminine, but it’s also really smooth, which I really like in a fragrance,” says Lila.

“I love having a daily reminder to be true to myself”

“I always keep a bottle of Perfect on my bedside table, along with a bunch of Jo Malone Candles,” reveals Lila. “I love the bottle, especially the selection of charms on the lid. ” The charms, which include a banana inspired by Warhol, a star-shaped balloon and a big blue bow, were all significant to Marc Jacobs himself, and serve as a reminder to stay true to yourself and your passions. “Whenever I look at it, I am reminded of Marc’s mantra, which is “I am perfect as I am” and to celebrate and express myself. ”

“My mum always told me less is more when it comes to beauty”

As well as a carefully curated selection of efficacious skincare products, including a Mario Badescu cleanser and a Foreo Luna sonic cleansing device, Lila likes to keep her beauty regime to a minimum, which in part is due to some words of wisdom from her mother. “My mum always tells me that less is more so I keep it really natural,” recalls Lila. “There was a point when I would apply bronzer like it was moisturiser – I would cover my face in it. My mum would be like “you have so much bronzer on Lila” and I would be like “I know, it’s great! ” But now I like to keep it natural. ”

While Lila still has a penchant for bronzer (she swears by Marc Jacobs Coconut Bronzer), the rest of her regime consists of a lightweight concealer (“I love the Glossier Stretch Concealer for its light coverage”) and Vaseline, which she uses on her eyelids and cheeks for a dewy finish. “If I’m going out, I’ll apply a few coats of mascara,” she adds.

“I know how to apply my makeup now, and I find that empowering,” she says. “Beauty is empowering when you know how to use it. Obviously I’m a while away from being able to apply my dream makeup, but I know what I like and how to do it. ”

Gratitude is key to self care

“I’ve never been able to master meditation,” admits Lila, a sentiment that’s as endearing as it is relatable. “I found this app called Calm, and it provides these short sleep sessions, which include bedtime stories and relaxation exercises. I never actually fall asleep, but I lie back and listen to it. My favourite one is a gratitude practice, and it takes you through all the things in life that you might be taking for granted. At the end of the day, that’s so important to do. ”

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