Lightweight layering is the beauty insider’s secret to getting your makeup to stay put in the heat

We asked CHANEL makeup artist, Gina Kane, her tips to keeping makeup looking fresh when it’s mega (MEGA) hot. She’s no stranger to tackling melty makeup, having perfected the beauty look for Natalia Dyer’s Stranger Things 3 press junket during the heatwave last summer.

The heatwave is upon us. And while many of us don’t have the same issues to contend with as last year – like sweaty commutes and desk pals catching a glimpse of our soggy pits – there remains the problem of how to keep our makeup looking splendid on conference calls, while we take advantage of the opportunity to work from our balconies and gardens.

“Luckily, we worked in an air-conditioned hotel but for the premiere we had to prepare her makeup and hair for the hottest evening I have ever experienced in Paris,” she said. So she’s well-equipped to get us ready for our Zoom calls, here’s how.

Keep your skincare in the fridge

“The skincare and CHANEL Hydra Beauty Essence Mist sprays were kept in the fridge and saved the day and her makeup throughout,” Gina says. “If you can keep your liquid beauty products in the fridge they feel heavenly on the skin when it’s hot out, especially sprays. I also put my jade rollers in their pouch in the fridge or freezer in the summer months.” Another bonus of working from home (rather than sharing the office fridge) is you can go and retrieve your ice cold skincare without raising eyebrows.

Lightweight layering is the secret to an indestructible base

“I spent time on building an indestructible base,” says Gina. “I set fine layers and pinpoint concealing with a transparent pressed powder – something you may want to consider if you are on camera all day in a warm room.” Gina recommends Le Correcteur de CHANEL for spot concealing.

As for your powder, “apply it with a small brush to counteract shine,” she says. “If you use a small brush you can be more direct and won’t spread powder everywhere, which gives skin a flat finish. Aim to mattify under the eyes and the T-zone and leave a glow on the cheeks.”

Waterproof your mascara

“The eyes were the focus of Natalia’s makeup, so lashes were everything. If lashes are your warpaint, I highly recommend curling them first,” say Gina. If you can’t find a waterproof mascara you love as much as your everyday one, apply this first as a base, “then top with two layers of waterproof mascara” to set it in place, Gina advises.

Glow is good. Just not too much.

“I highlighted with CHANEL Poudre Lumière in Rosy Gold and used powder blusher which stayed put during the heat,” says Gina, which is something to bear in mind. If you favour a creamy blushers, they’re more likely to melt and move in the heat, so for hot days, switch to a powder formula.

“Blusher for Zoom needs to be a little stronger to show up on camera,” says Gina. And remember: “when applying a powder blusher or bronzer to powder lightly underneath to ensure a smooth blend. Powder colour on top of creamy textures such as your foundation and moisturiser will stick and look patchy, especially in hot weather.”

Pick products with strong pigments

“For Zoom, the camera will de-saturate your makeup,” says Gina, “so you need to use a little more than usual for it to read on screen.” The best way to avoid looking cakey, though, is to choose products that have strong pigments. That way you can avoid thick layers.

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