Lifestyle Blogger Ariana Pierce Shares Her Must-Pack Items For Travel

As much as I love to travel, there is just no place like home. Over the years, I’ve put together my essential travel pack that includes a variety of things that make being away – whether for work or for play – more enjoyable, relaxing, and feel a lot more like home.

From immunity boosters to my favorite on-the-go gadgets, snacks, and accessories, the items below make traveling a breeze.

Now, let’s get into them!

Diffuser and essential oils

Over the past year, I’ve really gotten into essential oils and how beneficial they can be when traveling. Airplanes, hotel rooms, and many forms of transportation hold germs and unwanted bacteria. To help fight against that, I travel with a Saje Diffuser along with their amazing essential oil travel blends that keep me energized and my immune system up.

Style Travel Girl passport cover

I never leave for a trip without my Style Travel Girl passport cover. I like to choose the color based on the place I’ll be traveling to. For example, if I’m traveling to somewhere tropical, I’ll bring along the Florence Floral print, but if I’m going to Paris, I’ll take along the Parisian Pink, which is soft and girly. Not only are the covers pretty, but they hold all your travel documents, license, and passport in one place. It makes it hard to lose your items when everything is organized.

Wholefood’s dried mangos

Trying to stay healthy on the go can be challenging when you aren’t prepared. That’s why I love taking along dried fruits like Wholefood’s mangos. They are easy to slip into your bag and make for a great sweet treat without all the guilt.

Battery case

The Mophie battery case can be a life saver, especially if you are one to do a lot of Instagramming and recording for social media. It’s important to be charged up while on the go so that you’re never stuck with a dead phone, which is vitally important in case of any emergency.

Around The World Travel Journal

A travel journal is so fun to take on your adventures as you’re able to document your time, as well as write in your travel plans for your trip. That’s why I love the Around the World Travel Journal. It gives you a place to write out your vacation dreams, goals, and memories.


A little black dress goes a long way. I’ve had plenty of pop-up meetings, last-minute conferences or dinners that required me to be a bit more formal. A simple black dress has saved me on many occasions, and it looks perfect in any setting. I suggest packing one for every trip so that you’ll always be prepared.

Black Heels

Along with the LBD, I always add a pair of black heels to my luggage. It’s best to be prepared so that you don’t have to waste time running around a new city looking for the perfect heels in those emergency moments.

Simple accessories

Accessories play a big part in making or breaking an outfit. My must-have picks for travel are a pair of gold or silver hoops and a pair of studs. Both can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal.


Living her dream life since her late teens, Ariana is a relatable, inspirational role model who has created her incredible entrepreneurial story of lifestyle products, blogs, and events. She leads six successful businesses including the nail polish company, SuperstarnailLacquer.com, thriving online accessories company, Styleshoppe.com, and a busy publishing business. Pierce motivates thousands to grow their businesses, change up their lifestyles, and create incredible futures with her lively, straightforward, and actionable recommendations.

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