May 25, 2024

Lesser known bad habits to avoid in 2019

We all know some of the obvious bad habits we can avoid: excessive drinking, smoking, drugs. But what about the smaller stuff that adds up?

A recent AskReddit thread asked people what those lesser known bad habits that are ruining our lives, and I have to say I’m pretty guilty of a lot of these.

99 cents here, $4. 99 there $9. 99 etc. It adds up fast.

I used to have a big problem with this and I’ve actually been to therapy. Paid good money to hear something I should have already known. She asked me to think about all the people that have embarrassed themselves in front of me and that I only had 1 minute to come up with them. I was maybe able to say 2. She said that’s exactly what other people feel about my embarrassments. They probably don’t even remember or even really care. Same with everything, not just embarrassing stuff.

I do this constantly. Even without unread notifications. It is just there, too close, too easy to grab and check out something – anything. Better than just studying, working or doing anything productive. Worst invention ever for procastinators like me.

Nothing wrong with some ranting but when all you do is complain about everything it’s really draining to everyone around you. I have a friend who just never seems to have anything nice to say when I see them, always has a new disaster in their life to complain about. I know first hand that constant bitching about everything is addicting and after some time I started to annoy myself and had to make some big changes.

Seriously, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function properly, but a huge number of people think they can get away with 6 or less. You really can’t (unless you’re one of the ~3% of the population with the gene for it). Chronic sleep deprivation can cause serious issues with your focus, mood, etc. and you might not even notice it if you’ve just gotten used to not getting enough sleep.

It’s so easy to start fabricating small lies here and there. Makes life more interesting, doesn’t it? Then suddenly you’re speaking in a British accent for years to your wife who you told you were a millionaire and the tax man is coming tomorrow and the web of lies will shatter and fall.

At my first job as a designer at an ad agency, there was a day when there was some shit going down between two of the dept heads… I was new and found it fascinating and started to chat with my art director about it.

That lasted about 3 seconds before he turned to me and said , ‘ it’s all bullshit, and we aren’t discussing it, nor should you ask anyone else, you’re not being paid to gossip and neither am I … so let’s both just get back to work.

He said that quietly and with a grin, so there was no ruffled feathers, but he was right. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that…

All these years later and now I’m the creative director… and I still follow that advice. Don’t participate in office gossip… steer clear of people that do… do the work. Be nice to everyone.

I’d save so much money if I just stopped buying stuff I don’t really need. Half of it I either forget about or don’t care about after a few months. Doesn’t help when companies spam deals at you making it more tempting to buy when it’s “cheaper”.

If anybody ever doubts sugar addiction is real, keep in mind, several times a year people are told outright, either stop eating sugar or you lose a foot.

Many lose their foot.

If losing a limb because you can’t stop consuming isn’t a sign of addiction, than the word is in serious need of reevaluation.

Tolerating “friends” and family that drain your energy, lie, and refuse to reciprocate.

I used to work at a gas station, and there were people who would sink hundreds of dollars every month into tickets. And whenever they won money, they’d just spend it on more tickets. They’re not worth it.

Don’t get into the habit of regularly borrowing money and things from friends and family.

Anger, ive seen so many people addicted to their anger ruin their lives at a rate thats down right shocking. Even when comparing it to things which are traditionally seen as much more dangerous at a glance like some drugs and alcohol.

Anger literally eats people alive, and spits them out… changed.

Saying yes too much. I’ve had to read this book called “Approval Addiction” because I have a bad habit of wanting to feel useful to the point of never saying no and overloading myself with work. Just because you want people to know that you’re a decent human being doesn’t mean you have to put yourself out constantly to prove it. The people who matter most will know without you doing favors for them.

Seriously, I cut out soda a few years ago, and changed to drinking sparkling water – I changed nothing else about my lifestyle and I lost 10 pounds very quickly. I’ve since changed to just drinking normal water, and I feel so much better than when I was drinking cola regularly.

(also after I lost that first 10lbs, I started walking a lot more than taking the bus – I lost another 10 pounds by making that pretty easy change, too)

Mindless, regular purchases. Regular starbucks, or smoking, or eating out gets very expensive. Several hundreds of dollars a month really adds up in a year and a lifetime.

I can’t remember where I picked it from but a great rule I follow is “never stay up late to do something you wouldn’t get up early for”. There are very few things I would get up early for.

Being defensive and finding excuses. There’s a line between knowing your worth, and being unable to grow because you can’t hear feedback.

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