July 18, 2024

Leggings have got cool again at exactly the right time

We’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with leggings. They’re comfy, yes; great foryoga. But they don’t take any prisoners. Their tight-fitting nature and tendency to appear thin (if you don’t invest in a good pair) can leave you feeling something like a secondary school dance student circa 2007. Not ideal.

But in a major turn of events, leggings have been our go-to #WFH uniform for the past ten days. Who’d have thought it? Even more surprisingly, they’ll continue to lead the way for the foreseeable future. Whether we’re working from home or not.

It’s not just because of the Coronavirus crisis and our yearning for comfort that leggings are back with a bang. Tight fitting trousers have actually been regaining popularity in a big way for the past couple of months – not so much as skinny jeans but 90s straight leg denim and tailored trews.

Leggings are now following suit (with major thanks to influencers like Camille Charriere and Leandra Cohen) and luxury brands like Burberry, Moncler Genius and Prada have all dropped pairs that ooze both elegance and comfort.

This time around, you’ve got to play with proportions. Leggings are your base layer, and styling them is an art. The secret to getting those proportions right? Nailing the contrast between tight-fitting and oversized. On the top, opt for chunky knitwear or an expensive-looking oversized blazer. Then layer to your heart’s content, both with clothing and accessories. Designer handbags, layered chain necklaces and chunky collars will ensure your look is finished to perfection.

For a pair of leggings with even stronger style credentials, play with textures and shapes. Flared leggings (as seen at Carcel) are gaining momentum while leggings with ankle vent detailing are also increasingly popular. Zara’s ankle vent leggings give designer pairs a run for their money. For leather-look leggings, look towards Michael Kors or Commando, and if it’s a printed pair you’re after, Fendi is your best bet.

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