Learn What It Takes to Get a Niche Beauty Brand Off the Ground

Fashionistas sixth annual How to Make It in Fashion Conference, which will be returning to New York on June 15 – itll be warm then, yay! – is fast approaching.

The day will be filled with speakers offering valuable insights on some of the key subjects shaping the fashion and beauty industries today: sustainability, diversity and design law.

Our beauty-focused panel will feature four entrepreneurs behind some of the best-known niche beauty brands in the industry: Soko Glam co-founder and chief curator Charlotte Cho, CAP Beauty co-founder and chief creative officer Cindy DiPrima, Wander Beauty CEO and co-founder Divya Gugnani and Surratt Beauty founder Troy Surratt.

In a discussion moderated by Fashionista Beauty Editor Stephanie Saltzman, the group will discuss their own experiences establishing niche, cult-favorite beauty brands, what it takes to get a company up and running and how theyve managed to stand out in a crowded, ever-evolving category.

To make sure you dont miss out on what promises to be an interesting, inspiring discussion, get your tickets today.

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