Bunny Duo That Will Make You Need Them as Friends

Ever since my husband and I rescued our Golden Retriever, we routinely ask ourselves what we did before getting her. What exactly did we fill our time with? How could anything have possibly been – or be – better than having a Golden flop around our house, producing more hairballs than I thought possible? I think I have an answer.

The answer is a sweet Golden and a bunny, as proven by the Instagram account Bear + Hugs. Since discovering it early this morning, I’ve had 15 tabs open with their pictures, because I can’t get myself to stop staring at the two of them together. Hugs and Bear are an inseparable fluff duo, and seem delicate with one another, too. Each time Bear grooms his bunny friend Hugs, I squeal with delight. I may not have room in my house to own a bunny, but I can dream of meeting these two one day, right?

If These 35 Photos of Labrador Puppies Don’t Bring a Smile to Your Face, Nothing Will

As the proud owner of a 100-pound Black Labrador Retriever named Yogi, I often find myself scrolling through pup-related hashtags on Instagram when I’m having a bad day. There’s just something about a lab’s disposition that makes you want to instantly snuggle with them or head into the backyard for a game of fetch.

Rather than keeping the joy of seeing a bunch of little cuties to myself, I opted to share these good vibes with the world at large. Scroll ahead to get a peek at some impossibly sweet photos of black, brown, and yellow labs!

Kristen Bell’s Daughter Washed Her Hair With Vaseline, and the Internet Came to the Rescue

In this month’s hilarious parenting news, a few weeks ago Kristen Bell had to turn to the internet for advice after her 5-year-old daughter Delta washed her hair with Vaseline – and it was not easy to get out. “My daughter just washed her hair with Vaseline and I can’t get it out. .. has this ever happened to anyone?” Kristen asked in her Instagram Stories on Feb. 4 before showing a glimpse of her daughter’s head absolutely covered in petroleum jelly from root to tip. “I washed it three times now and it’s not getting any better,” Kristen added.

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Feb. 25, Kristen then explained that Delta got her hands on the tub of Vaseline (the majority of which then went into her hair) after Delta asked her to leave the room so she could role play with her dolls in the tub. Luckily, after she posted her distress call, Kristen’s Instagram followers quickly came to the rescue, suggesting dish soap as a solution. “I appreciate that; I’m very grateful for you guys, ’cause I don’t know what I’m doing,” Kristen said in a follow-up video, clearly thankful for all the help.

Unfortunately, the dish soap suggestion didn’t entirely work. “How you get it out is this: three rounds of Hello Bello shampoo, one round of clarifying shampoo, two rounds of dish soap, and then we still had to wait four days ’cause none of that worked,” Kristen told Ellen. FYI, if this ever happens to your child, it’s best to wash their hair with clarifying shampoo and run makeup remover wipes over their hair until all the gunk is out, according to Today Parents.

Kristen and her husband Dax Shepard have been through their fair share of hilarious ordeals with their two daughters – 6-year-old Lincoln Bell Shepard and 5-year-old Delta Bell Shepard – who are already little pranksters, and something tells me this won’t be the last of it. Keep scrolling to see the progression of Kristen’s fascinating hair-washing saga ahead.

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