May 29, 2024

Laser correction restores sight, but does not suit everyone

WHO statistics are as follows: over the past 10 years around 5 million laser sight correction operations have been done in the world. More than 20,000 operations are performed annually in Russia. Guaranteed fully restore the eyesight of 90% of patients.

The probability of complications after surgery is not more than 0. 5%, which is very insignificant for surgical intervention. However, fears and myths concerning laser correction, despite positive statistics, are alive and passed from mouth to mouth. How safe and effective this operation, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Laser vision correction essentially changes the curvature of the cornea with the help of a laser beam. These are operations such as PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) and LASIK (laser keratomileusis). When performing PRK (used for a small degree of disturbance), parts of the corneal tissue are removed with the help of an ultraviolet laser. The LASIK operation is performed using an additional microkeratome device, which allows a thin cut of the superficial layers of the cornea.

The laser evaporates the deep layers of the cornea to a specified depth, and the cut off valve then returns to its original position. So the surface of the cornea remains untouched, so the LASIK operation is less painful, and the effect is observed almost immediately after exiting the operating room.

You can, you need and you can not

As with any surgical intervention, excimer laser correction has indications and contraindications. The department of refractive laser surgery of the Novosibirsk branch of the ISTC “Eye Microsurgery” Lyudmila Yakovlevna Lautkina disclosed the details.

Excimer laser correction is recommended for:

• near-sightedness up to -15. 0D, farsightedness up to + 4. 0D, astigmatism up to ± 3. 0D,
• astigmatism after previous operations – keratotomy, thermokeratocoagulation, after cataract removal.

Absolute contraindications to surgery are:

• concomitant eye diseases in history (cataract, glaucoma),
• severe general diseases (diabetes, hypertension, collagenoses),
• the only sighted eye,
• progressive myopia.

Barrel of honey

What is the advantage of excimer laser vision correction, what motivates people to do it? Lyudmila Yakovlevna (NMTC “Eye Microsurgery”) explains the pros. First, the exact calculation of the operation for each patient, depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the eye, virtually eliminates the possibility of error. Secondly, the speed of the operation is 5-7 minutes.

Thirdly, painlessness – the operation is performed under local anesthesia, and after it passes through, no pain sensations are observed.

Fourth, quick rehabilitation – in a week it is already possible to return to work, and the effect becomes visible a few hours after leaving the operating room.

A spoon of tar

However, not everything is so radiant. There are drawbacks. “The disadvantages are rather unusual,” continues Lautmila Lautkina. – Three months not to bathe in the bath, do not swim in the pool, do not lift weights more than 10 kg. ” In addition, within half a year the patient should be observed in the clinic and follow the prescriptions of the doctor: perform gymnastics for the eyes, use drops, balance with the computer and TV. When all the instructions for the occurrence of regression – a decrease in vision – are not observed. In some cases, there are doubts about the need for laser correction in ophthalmologists who are not engaged in this activity:

“I’m not against laser correction. I believe that this is a great way to correct sight, – says Marina R. Golikova, an ophthalmologist of the medical center “Catharsis”. “However, I do not think that surgery is necessary for a small minus – you can do without surgery. ”

With regard to unsuccessful operations, the doctor Lautkina assures that they practically do not happen: “If there is a regress, then it is basically a consequence of not a surgical operation, but of other diseases. With the help of medical measures, the defect is eliminated. ”However, the clinic “Excimer” is warned about the possibility of pre-correction. It is carried out in those cases when, despite the recovery procedures, after the operation, vision falls. This happens with a pronounced – below -10. 0D – myopia, and this patient is warned before the operation. Do pre-correction for free.

Female question

After the excimer laser correction, there are no wounds and stitches on the eyes, they do not become more vulnerable. So in a year after the operation it is quite possible to give birth without Caesarean section. However, before this it is necessary to consult at the ophthalmologist. But during the pregnancy and feeding operation is not carried out: because of hormonal adjustment in the body of a woman’s vision is unstable, the magnitude of myopia or hyperopia can change, sometimes significantly.

Personal experience

The correspondent of SE made a laser correction six months ago. For a start, I underwent a complete diagnostic examination – they tell me what happens to the eyes, whether surgery is necessary or what. After the delivery of the usual set of tests, the date of the operation is assigned. Usually it stretches for two days – one eye per day. If on the first day I did not abandon the soothing pill offered by the nurse at the door to the operating room, then the second one went into it boldly – the procedure is really painless and completely intrepid.

From unusual sensations, I would highlight a strong blinding light, the smell of burnt and the moment when you see how your cornea is smoothed with a brush.

Already an hour after the operation, I was able to clearly see the faces of others. A day later, she flaunted herself by reading signboards. A month later, regression began. It was about the pre-correction, but after active gymnastics for the eyes, vitamins and drops, the vision stabilized. Glasses and a container for lenses left a memory. Without them, certainly, it is more convenient.

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