Lady Gaga on the power of her voice, ‘When you become famous’

Speaking openly in our exclusive video, wearing a red strapless Valentino gown, Lady Gaga says: “I would say my singing voice is an expression of my entire body as it connects to the whole of humanity.

When I sing, I think about the world, I think about people – I don’t just think about the song. I do think about the story I want to tell, and I always try to find the piece of it that’s true.”

Lady Gaga is the new face of Valentino Beauty fragrances and it’s a scent match made in heaven. The powerful message behind this perfume? Using and finding your voice.

As someone who has redefined what it means to be a singer/songwriter, with an Oscar-nominated role in A Star Is Born, setting up her own beauty line, Haus Laboratories, and her extensive charity work with her Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga has always stayed true to not only her voice, but also amplified the voices of those who need it the most.

The story she has always wanted to tell throughout her extensive body of work is to always speak truthfully and respect your authentic self; a journey Valentino fragrance equally wants to take you on with Voce Viva, which aims to celebrates every woman’s voice through the power of scent.

Continuing to talk about the power of voice and image, Lady Gaga adds in the video, “When you become famous your voice can sometimes look like an image projected to society. But actually, my voice is what I say, my voice is what I mean, my voice is what I stand for.”

“Honesty the voice that inspired me the most in my personal life was the voices of women,” Lady Gaga continues. “I really, really am inspired by women and this idea that a voice could be alive and that it can be strong. This to me is what this fragrance is all about and some people say it’s perfume but if you put a good intention behind something it can be much more than a material thing, it can be a message to the world and I know that’s what Valentino really wants.”

We couldn’t agree with your scent-iments more, Lady Gaga, so if you want to feel a little bit more empowered today, watch the video above.

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