July 24, 2024

Lack of sleep can make it difficult to fight overweight

How often for the weekend we plan a million pleasant deals. All week long we are looking forward to a holiday with friends or a pleasant shopping. And how often on Saturday morning we realize that we would give half our lives to sleep today.

And now I do not want to go anywhere. And by Monday, disappointment comes and questions are born: “How so? ” And “What do I spend my life on? ”.

How to adjust the sleep regime, so that the strength for day and weekend feats remained, the correspondent of SE explained.

The science of sleep

At night you need to sleep. An immutable fact. But only more often as an excuse, the phrase “sleep in a coffin” sounds. And the role of sleep for a modern person is no less, if not more, important than for our ancestors: if before a person was required first of all physical relaxation, then today sleep is necessary for processing a huge amount of information coming in a day.

During the so-called slow sleep, there is physical recovery, protein synthesis and the production of certain hormones. And in the phase of fast sleep, there are processes of mental recovery.

Lack of sleep can make it difficult to fight overweight

Quantity and quality

So how much sleep do you need to sleep? Usually recommend 7-8 hours. As it turned out, the range is wider. According to neurologists and neurophysiologists, only those who sleep less than 5 hours and more than 10 hours have health problems. Time in these boundaries is considered the norm. Each person has his own individual limit, variations due to fatigue can be no more than an hour. But if you noted that the need for sleep increased – think about it.

“A healthy person, certainly, sleeps less”, – the doctor-neurologist of the center “Sirena” Elena Kibalnikova marks. So, if you are constantly tending to sleep, it means that the body can not afford to spend energy on physical needs. You need to listen to it.

Sleep, children, well – you will be healthy

Nevertheless, many people experience a chronic lack of sleep. It is easily tolerated at a young age, but at the same time has a negative effect: some hormones are produced only during sleep. And at certain hours. If we do not sleep, they are not produced properly. The situation is explained by a neurophysiologist, a somnologist of the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Sergei Yarosh: “The growth hormone in children is responsible for growth (it’s not for nothing that they say that children grow up in a dream). And in adults, he is also responsible for removing fat from fat stores.

Thus, if a person does not sleep well, he does not produce this hormone and does not have diets and drugs to fight excess weight – simply because fat can not get out of the body.

With sleep disturbance, the sympathetic nervous system does not rest, and it does not produce substances that, for example, reduce blood pressure. This contributes to the development of strokes and vascular crises. ”For similar reasons, chronic chronological risk increases the risk of hormonal and endocrine disorders. Violation of the sleep regime can cause much more serious consequences. Today, the problem of breathing in sleep – apnea is very urgent. This leads to even fatal outcomes. And snoring is always a sign of trouble. Therefore, if a loved one does not give you a good night’s sleep, it’s not worth talking about heroic snoring – this is a serious signal of danger and a sign that you need to turn to a somnologist.

Lack of sleep can make it difficult to fight overweight

Bird disputes

The Lark Council does not understand. And the right, and those, and others – for each type is extremely difficult to adapt to the demands of the surrounding world. And if the larks are traditionally positive attitude – it’s easier for them to get up for work, then owls always give it more difficult. According to experts, the sleep and wakefulness regime is laid down in childhood, and is not at all an innate feature. But the abrupt breakdown of the regime can have serious consequences. And if you still want or need to get up early, start the experiments on weekends or on vacation – so you will avoid stress deprivation. Important: the necessary number of hours of sleep will have to be picked up in any case, so the advice to go to 12 does not become obsolete, despite the fact that a modern person needs a more rapid phase of sleep in the second half of the night.

When the soul mourns and prays

The situation of insomnia is familiar to everyone. But the diagnosis of “insomnia”, as it is officially called, is very serious. According to Sergei Yarosh, the most common cause of sleep disorders is psychological.

According to the simplified classification, they can be divided into three categories:

Presominic disorders– when a patient can not sleep for a long time, turns around, obsessive thoughts overwhelm him. Long sleep is a measure of acute stress.
Intrasomnicheskie– when in the middle of the night a person often wakes up and can not fall asleep. This indicates chronic stress.
Postmosnicheskie– when, waking up early in the morning, at four or five o’clock, a person can not fall asleep until morning. This is a symptom of depression.
Often there are mixed forms.

Therefore, the first person to whom one should go is a psychotherapist. And the campaign for medicines postponed until consultation with a doctor – a neurologist or somnologist.

“Drink herbs” is also not always useful: for example, valerian can accumulate in the body.

And even more so you can not drink pills, which gave you a compassionate friend: sleeping pills have very serious side effects and with an uncontrolled reception only aggravate the situation.

What do doctors recommend to ensure a good night’s rest?

The first is to establish a sleep regime. Get up and go to bed at the same time. Even on weekends. Then, in the evening, there will be no problems with falling asleep, and in the morning – with the rending of the eyes.

Second – habits are very important. Someone can not fall asleep without a favorite pillow or a soft toy. It is important to form the right habits: for example, some can not sleep without a night light. This is not very good, because a full-fledged dream can only be in absolute darkness.

By the way, about pillows. Many still do not understand the importance of orthopedic mattress and pillow. And meanwhile they provide full physical unloading. The best mattress is soft and comfortable: “If the mattress is not formed under the body – this is not an orthopedic mattress,” says Anatoly Kovtun, director of the orthopedic trauma clinic Kovtun. Orthopedic mattresses support the physiological bends of the spine and help to maximize the unloading of the muscles.

To sleep it is necessary in a cool ventilated room – before a dream the temperature of a body falls, and consequently, for example, hot baths even can do much harm. By the way, there is advice from yogis: to pour your feet with icy water before going to bed. It really helps to fall asleep.

And further. To sleep well, you need to get tired. Just do not confuse physical and mental fatigue: the first is more useful, and the second is harmful. It is possible that, having ceased, for example, to sit out evenings for thinking about sales plans and starting to walk in the evenings, you will make a dream and stop dreaming about an extra minute in bed.

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