This acne-fighting charcoal rollerball finally made me believe in spot treatments

Because I have such sensitive skin I have always longed for an acne spot treatment that does what it’s supposed to. That way I don’t have to apply it to my whole face, risking dryness and irritation in areas that didn’t even ask for it. Unlike using something like, say, an acne cleanser.

But I have only rarely been actually satisfied with the results from a spot treatment. Plus many of them rely on my mortal enemy (benzoyl peroxide), which significantly narrows my options.

I’ve always had acne, but I haven’t always had reliable spot treatments for said acne. In my teen years I had a few horrible – burning, stinging, full face of redness – reactions to benzoyl peroxide, one classic acne-fighting ingredient. And now that I’ve developed rosacea, I have to be extra careful to use only the gentlest acne treatment options out there – which are hard to find!

So I was pleasantly surprised when an acne spot treatment I found (read: picked up randomly on the Allure free table) actually…worked. The Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Acne Roller Ball, £7.99, is a 2% salicylic acid treatment that you roll on like a rollerball perfume. The detox claim may be a little silly, but we know that salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant that’s already a solid staple of acne treatments.

Yes To Tomatoes

I love that you don’t have to touch the treatment or your face with your fingers, thus avoiding the addition of more dirt or bacteria to the equation. And I appreciate that I can roll a thin layer on a developing spot one night and wake up to see it considerably reduced and less red. In another day or two, it could be completely gone. Seriously, this has happened! I’ve never had this kind of success with an acne treatment before, let alone one that’s under £10 and comes in a rollerball.

I’ve been using my trusty rollerball for the occasional brow or chin spots for a few months now and am definitely planning on grabbing another one when the time comes. It’s almost like I’m on a…roll. (I’m sorry.)

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