April 20, 2024

Kylie Jenner Just Wore Her Most Un-Kylie Outfit Yet

After years (yes, years) of covering the goings-on of Kylie Jenner, I can safely say that her outfits almost always fall into one of four categories. The first is “dressed up,” which is when she wears a cocktail dress. The second is “workout,” which is when she wears athleisure. The third is “bikini,” which is when she wears a bikini. And the fourth is “Met Gala” which is when she goes to the Met Gala.

Kylie Jenner

And yet…a new, unexpected type of Kylie Jenner Outfit has emerged this summer, one I never saw coming. Sure, in June, she played around with “quiet luxury” dresses, but that was really just a more daytime version of her “dressed up” wardrobe. No, this groundbreaking new area of Ky’s Kloset is… Kasual.

And not like expensive streetwear casual. Like, jeans and a white top casual. I’m floored.

Having a veggie lunch at, I dunno, someone’s country house, the skin care mogul wore a flowy blouse and carried a crocheted bag. The fans absolutely loved seeing her embrace a more “natural” style, as the youngest KarJenner has arguably been forced to grow up the fastest as a result of being in the spotlight. “She looks so cute! No make-up and regular clothing—she actually looks so young and absolutely beautiful and adorable ! ” wrote one commenter. Added another, “I think this is the prettiest I’ve ever seen you not that it matters but wow stunning. ”

Two months ago, Jenner wore similar jeans and a plain white tee at…maybe this same house? Someplace with grass. But that tee was a funky shape because, of course, it was. This? This you could pick it up at The Gap. She didn’t, but hypothetically, a person could!

She got hers from DÔEN, the pre-Nap Dress brand that cashed in on Cottagecore for the 1% years ago. It’s cute! She’s been flirting with this aesthetic all summer, so it’s great to see her dive in. Stay breezy, Ky!

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