February 21, 2024

Kylie Jenner and also Travis Scott face reaction over coordinating private jets

Kylie Jenner and also Travis Scott are in warm water yet again. On 15 July, the truth celebrity required to Instagram— the land of filtered bodies as well as «aspirational» luxury— to share an image of 2 private jets that are apparently at the pairs’ disposal.

Kylie and also Travis can be seen welcoming between the planes in the picture, which is captioned,» You wan na take mine or your own? «While Kylie’s billionaire condition might be suspicious, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has actually constantly flaunted her access to ridiculous amounts of money that fund wardrobes loaded with Birkins and also various other lavish expenses.

Actually, this is not also the first discovery of her personal jet on her feed. According to Page Six, Kylie purchased «Kylie Air «in 2020 for around $ 70 million and also fashioned it with a lot of neon, a full bar, and

Hermes blankets over every seat.

This material can additionally be checked out on the website it originates from. Of program, critics have actually called out Kylie Jenner before over her large screens of riches and also opportunity, however several really feel owning two personal aircrafts— even between loved ones— is just salacious, specifically during a global environment dilemma.

» Maybe take neither’s and also reduce your carbon footprint,» one individual replied in Jenner’s remark area, while one more wrote, «Why do I have to limit my meat intake as well as utilize paper straws while the 1% gets to pump lots of carbon into the atmosphere for an excursion to Palm Springs? »

Things did not improve for Jenner on Twitter. «Kylie Jenner out right here choosing which colour personal jet she wan na take today meanwhile I got ta chug my iced coffee before my straw becomes paper mache? ? ? ? explain,» one Twitter user wrote,»to which somebody responded, «She’s taking literal 3 minutes flights and I’m personally in charge of the wellness of all sea turtles. «

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