The kvass

In Rus kvass was widespread and everyday drink: it was prepared and the peasants and the landlords and the military, and the monks, and his presence in the house was considered a sign of prosperity.

Kvass is the national alcoholic drink with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol not more than 1,2%, made as the result of incomplete alcohol or alcohol and lactic fermentation mash.

Slavs kvass is known to more than a thousand years. It is known that the Eastern Slavs possessed the recipe long before the formation of Kievan Rus. The first mention of kvass in the Russian written sources dates from the year 989: after the baptism of Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich ordered to give people “food, honey and kvass”. Know how to cook kvass in Poland and Lithuania.

KVASy has always worked out of the full natural grain raw materials, as well as fruits, berries, honey by adding different herbs, roots, spices, etc. Due to this, kvass and various soft drinks have high taste qualities.

Calorie kvass is 27 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of bread kvass

The brew is a folk remedy for beriberi, as part of the brew includes many of the necessary minerals and vitamins, namely b vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, lactic acid, and amino acids (including irreplaceable).

Useful properties of bread kvass

Thanks to the useful properties kvass regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism, prevents the growth of harmful pathogens, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Its useful and healing properties of the brew acquires in the process of fermentation. The microorganisms settling in kvass the fermentation time, normalize digestion and treat dysbiosis.

Vitamins that produce these bacteria, strengthen the immune system. Kvass is useful to drink before meals, suffering from gastritis with low acidity, heart disease, high blood pressure, people with the weakened nervous system and those who just want to lighten the mood. The acid included in the composition of the brew, able to degrade and excrete dead and sick cells.

Kvass is very useful, it strengthens tooth enamel, heals ulcers and even promotes weight loss. The brew should be consumed as often as possible, so as kvass, as a dietary and preventive drink, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency.

Contraindications sourdough

Kvass is contraindicated to use for people suffering from gastritis, cancer of the stomach, cirrhosis of the liver. And pregnant women are best consumed in small quantities, this type of beverage and preferably homemade or quality checked.

The kvass in cooking

The kvass in cooking can be used to prepare the dough, savoury crackers, türi, botvinya, okroshka, Corbu, poetry etc.

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