Ksenia Shipilova, “I love to motivate people”

Hwe need the girls to truly relax in the cabin why the Xenia is not against beauty shots, what kind of concealer do not be scared to be on a desert island – the owner of a network of salons Keep Looking told BeautyHack how and why it helps the girls to become better.

Moja craving for cosmetics has nothing to do with childhood – most of all I loved to sell.

In adolescence, my sister became a brand Ambassador for Avon, I also began to wonder. We got together to spread the makeup and try all the tools yourself – love for beauty began in this period. Increased interest after moving to Moscow to care for themselves then became mainstream.

In my bathroom I remember an endless series of lotions – even then I became a maniac for the care of the body.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

Buti the experiments didn’t concern me – I’ve never dyed my hair and makeup was indifferent.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

Towhen lived in Ivanovo, I recommend to do eyelash extensions. I tried, and I really liked it, although by modern standards it was awful – but I was delighted and got hooked. After moving everything in Moscow, began to understand this, and a friend listened to my advice. I realized that I want to sell this service. In the cabin it was difficult to find a good master, the development went home to the master, but it was very uncomfortable in the middle of the room stands a couch, around a running child screaming, “Mom, give me food!”, master is distracted, goes, continues to do again… I wanted to make a place in which it was possible qualitatively to eyelashes and feel comfortable.

Have me turned out. I’m not trying to be different from others – focus on that in my cabin was as comfortable as possible. Speak for myself – and I’m picky.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

Deven in very expensive salons I was confused about that for drinks and other small components of comfort you have to pay. Even if the amount is small, it is still uncomfortable – as if you charge extra for each step. In Russia it is customary to leave a tip, and eventually a trip to the salon is almost equal to the trip to the countryside and relax completely fails.

In the cabin the man should be resting no matter what kind of service he came and how much willing to spend. To avoid any thoughts of “can I drink tea, so as not to be embarrassed at the checkout?”. Your customers are your guests. Taking house guests, you want it to be as comfortable as possible – to the customers of the saloon to be the same approach.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

In my salon, guests are offered bathrobes and Slippers to feel at home. In rainy and wet weather, remove the shoes, scratchy sweater will cover you with a blanket and hot tea. Girls really relax by coming to us.

Andactivities of the marathon “a Girl Keep Looking” arose from the large number of questions from my podeschi and those who have been following in Instagram for a salon (read more about the marathon and prizes read here). Many do not have the opportunity to come to treatments – especially those who do not live in Moscow. But there are many elementary recipes to look neat. It is not difficult to share – I’m not greedy people.

Mdoesn’t like to pass on their knowledge – I studied to be beautiful herself. Now genuinely happy that the girls are changing themselves and their lives thanks to my advice. Since then, I became interested in self-care, my life has also changed.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

Toalways believed that I’m not one of those girls about whom you can say: “She’s so well-groomed!”. Now often I hear such compliments, but it doesn’t come in one day, and is achieved through small steps and hard work.

I want the girls changed. The more beautiful we are, the happier and the world becomes less angry women. I love to motivate, to be a guide and an impetus for something new in the lives of girls. And it is not necessary to pay.

BKeep Looking thanks this was a real brand. Simply salons limited to the sale of services, goods and procedures. I give more, but invest in the development of the brand. We have a lot of ideas that we implement on the basis of the cabin – for example, make-up lessons or re-teach because we are masters from scratch.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

From brand have a standing list of ambassadors. Previously, I was the only person in the salon, but with the development of the brand realized that I don’t know everything and there is a chance that many would never learn about Keep Looking. I invited a number of bloggers to join – they are served by exclusive we have consistently laying out the posts, but do it in a fun. Choose girls who share our philosophy – light, natural make-up, styling with a minimum of scilingo.

Gmain prize of the marathon – the complete transformation in the salon and professional photography. This is a great chance for girls who have never been in the capital. And an extra motivation and a step towards that dream became a reality. Remember when you first came to Moscow and immediately realized, “I want here”. To win in a beauty contest I never dreamed – I didn’t know that such contests are. I want to show the girls how big this world is, I want to say: “Look!”.

PPreobrazhenie is just the beginning. In regions not so many good artists and I want the girl changed completely, not just did the makeup for the nails, that you need to redo in a week. After such “restart” the girl will understand what it means to love yourself. She likes her reflection in the mirror, like any participant of our marathon to the finale – this will be a great motivation. When you once saw that you look gorgeous, you will remember this, and to make every effort to look like this every day.

I around looking for sources of inspiration. In the head have the images of women who might accidentally meet on the street. I like photographing them in memory and thinking: “wow! I would like the same!”.

Lublu to collect hair in a high bun – one of my first visits to Moscow in Coffeemania on Bolshaya Nikitskaya saw a girl with hair like this. She had open shoulders, hair in a bun, but some strands fell freely around his shoulders. I really liked this image, I realized that I want to look. Now look at yourself in the mirror and realize – I did.

Gmain motivator for women is a man. They are stronger than us and does not let you relax. I like it – now I try not to give in yourself and to inspire the girls to become stronger.

Withthe secret of beautiful hair – to change care so that they do not become accustomed to one brand, or simply stop working. To give the hair Shine, after washing rinse strands with cold water. At home works best hydrating mask – make it twice a week. If there is no time for long fees, apply before you shampoo and wash your hair as usual – the tool will run and will save you time. To hairstyle looked better, create the effect of thick slices, apply on the tips of special mousses, or oil. Hair will become more visually heavy and will look healthy.

Ксения Шипилова: «Я люблю мотивировать людей»

I have tried many salon treatments for hair, keratin, Botox. The best – “Happiness for hair” because it is universal and the most effective. To stimulate their growth, make plasmacutting – in my opinion this procedure is more effective than mesotherapy.

DLa face for a long time used only those that were recommended to me by my beautician Dr. Viki (read more about it can read here). She advised professional brand Obagi Zo.Medical, but these funds Girnius skin, and I began to try other brands. I have not even complexion – love means that even skin tone: just look fresh, no matter whether on your face cosmetics. I really like the mask-mousse Skin Care, Perricone MD is the tool copes with this task.

маска-мусс Skin Care, Perricone MD

Nahomka this year – cream bride La Sultane De Saba. Detergent accidentally, when the interior started to work on the cosmetics. I applied the cream to the face, did my makeup and did not understand what was going on – makeup lay perfectly and I was very beautiful.

крем невесты La Sultane De Saba

The next day I applied the product again and realized the secret – CC cream evens skin tone and makes the skin tighter, making it glow from within. It works like a mix of primer and BB cream, leaving your skin better. If you’ve slept well and under the eyes no dark circles, just apply this cream, blush and enjoy in a natural way.

Eif you have good skin, don’t have to do regular maintenance at the salon. My problem – I treated psoriasis are still struggling with dryness. Therefore, a beautician visit once a week.

I’m not against “beauty shots” – I want to please myself in the mirror. Everyone loves youth, and those girls who is aging naturally, just tired of life. Chasing youth is not worth it, but to stop the natural aging is normal, after all, youth represents life. It is a pity when gorgeous women like Monica Bellucci’s just starting to fade.

Fromthe body is the most favorite ritual, and its main purpose is hydration. Every morning apply the cream, a night oil or cream with a denser texture. Choose tools and luxury brands, and cheap brands, as long as they work well and do not tolerate dryness.

In the salon I go to care of the brand Le Sultane de Saba and I love the effect of the procedure “Endosfera” (read more about it you will learn here). I love scrubs and wraps – there is never a lot. If you go to another country, always go to the local spa even if I don’t like the result, I’m glad I tried.

With the Double Wear concealer from Estée Lauder is not afraid to be on a desert island. I have a problem with dark circles under the eyes, I sleep less. Earlier looked tired and sleepy even with a good tone on the face, and then my therapists advised me to buy a concealer. Now you can apply makeup – concealer removes traces of fatigue and minor imperfections.

консилером Double Wear от Estée Lauder

In the beauty Arsenal should be blush in natural shades, the brand is not so important. Paint lashes mascara So Couture Volume Million Lashes, L’oreal Paris. When building up the lashes, comes to the aid of transparent mascara Mascara Parfait Naturel, Chado. Sleep face down in the pillow, and vehicle lifts, locks, when they begin to fall – the lashes look like new.

тушью So Couture Volume Million Lashes, L'Oreal Pari

To hydrate the lips choose a lip balm Lucas Papaw or gloss Lip Maximizer, Dior – it appears on the lips a beautiful Shine and volume.

бальзам для губ Lucas Papaw или блеск Lip Maximizer, Dior

I do not sit on diets and can’t call yourself a follower of the Lifestyle. But start to think about nutrition, we are what we eat. I think in a few years comes to nutrition.

Figure depends on genetics – many skinny girls eating what I want, and not getting better. But on the same genetics will not last long, at some point can slow down the metabolism. You need to watch your diet to keep yourself in shape.

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