Lizzo is our fashion idol of 2019

2019 was the year of the Lizzo. Don’t fight me on this. In the space of one year, the pop star has risen to unassailable fame due to her catchy tunes, iconic style and no-BS attitude. She has called out against fat shamers, serenaded her fans in the rain and preached the importance of self love.

Most importantly, Lizzo has taught us all how to gives less f**cks. Case in point: *that* MTV VMAs performance.

Not convinced? Look no further than awards season where Lizzo is leading the way with a phenomenal eight nominations at the Grammys. Yas gurl.

As our girl crush ascends to the next level, we look back on Lizzo’s best fashion moments of 2019. One word: obsessed.

Billie Eilish Shares Adorable Never-Before-Seen Home Videos to Celebrate Her 18th Birthday

Billie Eilish turns 18 years old today, and to celebrate, she posted a video to her Instagram, sharing never-before-seen home videos from her childhood. You’ll have to excuse us – we are officially a puddle. The video starts with a young Billie getting up close and personal with the camera. “Hi! My name is Billie, and I’m going to play a song that I made up with this guitar,” she says.

From here, the minute-long video shows early footage of Billie playing piano as a young child, mixed with videos from her most recent concerts, performing to thousands of screaming fans. It’s been incredible to watch Billie’s meteoric rise over the past 12 months, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Happy birthday Billie!

Daisy Ridley Swiped 2 Things From the Star Wars Set – They Represent Rey’s Light and Dark Sides

If you were on the Star Wars set, what would you swipe? Baby Yodas and Porgs are off-limits, sorry! For Rise of Skywalker star, Daisy Ridley, two very important items came to mind. The 27-year-old actress told A Little Late host Lily Singh made sure to take them home after filming.

Don’t worry, Ridley didn’t pull a John Boyega and bring a supersecret script home. Instead, she made claimed a couple of Rey’s most significant pieces. “The ring that I wear for Dark Rey and I may have been given a sword made of light which is very exciting and I’m gonna ask for my costume but I haven’t asked for that yet,” Ridley said. Watch the full clip above to hear exactly what she plans to do with her new prizes. Hint: They might find their way onto eBay.

These Sexy Bras Look Expensive, but They’re All From Amazon and Under $16

Obviously we all need to throw on a comfy t-shirt bra on the regular, but sometimes you want to slip on some pretty lingerie, too. So we rounded up our favorite lacy bras from Amazon worthy of your attention.

The best part is they’re also all incredibly affordable. That way, you can buy a few options. You deserve it, so treat yourself to a sexy bra with two-day shipping today.

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