As you know, cognac is considered to be quite strong alcoholic beverage. Produce these products from the alcohol obtained after a long distillation of grape wine. In the preparation of cognac a significant amount of alcohols, and biologically active essential oils, due to the latter, this drink is known for unsurpassed pleasant aroma and many beneficial properties.

Cognac differs from other beverage production technologies according to which distilled alcohol must be aged in special oak barrels for a few years. The end result of this drink gets a unique colour and very pleasant taste, and most importantly has to actively absorb themselves in tannins, which largely determine its healing properties.

Special oak barrels enhance the effects of alcohol and essential oils. So long aged cognac (5-10 years) is more valuable than a fresh drink with a 3-year exposure.

The calorie content of brandy is 239 kcal. per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of brandy

Useful properties of the cognac is due to its content of antioxidants, which appeared after distillation by the connection of alcohol molecules with copper. Besides strong drink contains significant amounts of minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium.

Moderate amount of brandy will prove an excellent stimulant, it has the capacity of eliminating fatigue and internal stress. Use one teaspoon of the drink, you will calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Brandy contains a large number of components such as tannins, which contribute to improved absorption of vitamin C.

Remember that you should not abuse alcoholic beverages.

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