Cooked sausage Dairy

Boiled sausagesand received the name “Milk” is actually due to the milk, included in its composition. A special taste and aroma of give her a specially selected spices. According to the manufacturer, it is milk makes this sausagethe most delicate among boiled types.

The calorie content of cooked breast sausages is 252 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition of cooked breast sausages

Dairy cooked sausage contains: pork, beef, milk dry, salt, spices. This type of sausages are rich in vitamin B1 (16.7%), vitamin PP (27%), sodium (64,2%), phosphorus (21.1 per cent).

In “Milk” boiled sausagese kilocalories above average, namely 252. Quite a lot of fat of 22.8. Proteins moderately, roughly 11,7. But the carbs are very small, only 0,2.

Sausage boiled milk in cooking

This sausageand perfect for a quick and simple Breakfast.

Milk boiled sausagesand can be used for making some types of salads, as well as okresek, various sandwiches and canapés.

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