KKW Beauty Concealers Are Coming This Month

KKW Beauty concealers (curiously not called “koncealers”) are finally dropping. On Tuesday morning, the brand announced that its much-anticipated Concealer Kits will launch later this month, on March 23.

Kim Kardashian posing with mom Kris Jenner and grandma M.J. Shannon in the KKW Beauty Concealer Kit campaign.

This is a product that hasnt exactly been kept under wraps: In November of last year, founder Kim Kardashian told Fashionista that the concealers took time to get right. “Im working on concealers; we were actually supposed to put the concealers out first before the Ultralight Beams, but I really wanted to perfect them,” she said at the time. And then just last week, Kardashian – in conversation with Madonna – cited concealer as her “Holy Grail” product.

KKW Beauty Concealer Kits.

According to Allure, the three-piece concealer kits, designed specifically to mask undereye circles, include a creamy liquid formula, a loose powder and a pressed powder. The set is designed for the Mario Dedivanovic-approved process of concealing, baking and brightening.

KKW Beauty liquid concealers

The 16-shade range marks an expansion for KKW Beauty, which caught flak for the extremely limited shade range of its launch product, Contour Kits. “Im always listening, and I always want to know what the fans want for sure,” Kardashian told Allure when asked whether shed taken that feedback into consideration. “We kind of kept it in the same range as our Contour Sticks – so having a light category, medium, dark and deep dark and then having four shades for each so making sure that theres a wide variety. For each category, we have two cool options and two warm options, so I feel like there will be something for everyone.”

Kim Kardashian posing with mom Kris Jenner and grandma M.J. Shannon in the KKW Beauty Concealer Kit campaign

KKW Beauty also released some of the campaign images for the concealers on Tuesday, and theyre certainly an aesthetic departure from what weve seen in the past from the brand or its perfume counterpart, KKW Fragrance. Where past imagery has focused solely on Kardashian, the new images feature three generations of Kardashian-Jenners: Kardashian is joined by her mom Kris Jenner and grandmother M.J. Shannon. Yes, its very sweet, and yes, they all look fantastic as icy blondes.

Another image from the campaign features a remarkably diverse range of models – at least in terms of skin tone, body type and age – all wearing simple white button-downs. Its a striking display of inclusivity, and to put it bluntly, other brands in the fashion and beauty spaces would be wise to look to it as an example and follow suit.

A campaign image for the KKW Beauty Concealer Kit.

KKW Beauty Concealers will retail for $18 each or $80 for a kit, which includes all three products and two dual-ended brushes.

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