May 18, 2024

Kim Kardashian Just Debuted Cozy Blonde Hair

Of course, Kim Kardashian opted to go cozy blonde: this way she gets to keep the look of being blonde, minus the time-intensive upkeep. “Cozy blonde is a toned-down version of your summer blonde and a great transition into autumn and winter,” says Jennifer Korab, hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa, who coined the name.

This blonde generally consists of warmer tones and golden blonde, Korab continues, pointing to Jennifer Lopez’s hair as a classic example.

“Cozy blonde is a term used to describe a super low-maintenance approach to being a blonde,” Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hair extension artist and Wella master colour expert, adds.

“Anyone who feels a little washed out from the overall brightness of their blonde usually transitions very well into wearing this look,” Cleveland continues, and it also applies to those who are tired of upkeep that is too time-consuming, expensive, or damaging. “In this case, your stylist can create a cosy blonde that gives you the best of both worlds. ”

Want to try the shade for yourself? Here’s what to ask for at the salon. “Cozy blonde has a lot of dimension to the hair. You can achieve the look by adding lowlights and asking for a golden or honey blonde, but you want to keep the face frame bright while adding fine lowlights throughout,” says Korab.

Cleveland agrees, and she also notes that you should reiterate you’re still interested in seeing yourself as a blonde but would love to make it a bit more low-maintenance while seeking a softer grow-out.

Just remember: Low-maintenance does not mean no maintenance.

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