Kim Kardashian found out her rating on foot fetish website

Kim Kardashian has found out her rating on a foot fetish website, and it seems that everybody is obsessed with her feet just as much as everyone is obsessed with her. Let’s just say she can now add ‘five star feet’ to her CV.

And let’s face it – everyone is obsessed with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, and why shouldn’t they be? Business and beauty mogul, social media star and wearer of the most obscure (no pun intended) Met Gala outfit this year, Kim is always on everyone’s radar.

However, Kim took to Instagram to highlight one of the public’s most recent obsession with her. Or rather a part of her: her feet.

Kim Kardashian told her 257 million followers on her Instagram stories that she had discovered WikiFeet, a website for people that are obsessed with feet (in other words: people with foot fetishes). It predominantly features photographs of various celebrities’ feet. Don’t ask.

“Wait there’s such a thing as WikiFeet,” she says, “Oh my God, look at my profile. Who made this?” Weird, right? Even weirder, perhaps, was her pride in having achieved a five-star rating. You heard us correctly. Not only is Kim’s appearance on WikiFeet popular, it is one of the the most popular feet profiles, with a rave review of five stars. I mean, it a truth universally acknowledged that Kim K is the queen of every social media platform so why should this service be an exception?

It’s not the first time her five-star-rated feet have come up in conversation, either. Last year, Kim myth-busted the rumour that she has six toes. This was, unfortunately, down to a Photoshop fail. Again, she had taken to Instagram stories to preach the truth to her loyal followers by wiggling her toes in front of the camera. I’m sure her devoted WikiFeet fans loved it.

We love to see it, Kim.

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