Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Intimate Maternity Shoot

Khloe Kardashian has just a month left until the arrival of her baby girl, and she found a special way to honor her first pregnancy: with a maternity photo shoot. Kardashian shared a preview as she posed wearing nothing more but lingerie while accompanied by her partner, Tristan Thompson, in the intimate black-and-white images.

Kardashian explained the inspiration behind the images on her app, which were lensed by photog Sasha Samsonova.

“Being pregnant has always been a dream of mine. Even though 9 months feels like a lifetime while I’m awaiting the arrival of my baby girl, it’s really a blink in the grand scheme of life,” she said. “I know I’m going to miss my belly so much once she’s here, I had to capture the beautiful process that is pregnancy so I can always look back at this time.”

The star relied on her go-to glam team to get her ready for the special day. “Thank you Sasha Samsonova for this special photo shoot! Also, shout-out to my glam team who helped me look and feel like a goddess: Hrush, Andrew and Jill,” she added.

The star has kept her fans informed throughout the course of her pregnancy, sharing updates on her style and even her maternity workouts, taking her followers along on her journey–and even sharing the moment she told her family with the E! cameras.

While Kardashian is currently in Cleaveland in the nesting phase, excitedly awaiting the arrival of her little one, she celebrated with her closest family and friends with a baby shower in Los Angeles and shared her new mom necessities, which she registered for on Amazon, (and you can check out her top baby registry picks here).