Keep your Summer Glow, even through Winter Snow…

Winter weather can be extreme, exposure to cold, damp weather combined with the dry hot air from central heating can soon dehydrate the top layer of our skin (epidermis) causing cracked, dry and sore skin and even broken capillaries.

Skin can shed more quickly (causing spray tans to become patchy and last less time). For some, skin dehydration can lead to blemishes and blockages in the skin too as our skin tries to compensate and repair by excreting more sebum from the sebaceous (oil) glands.

Add to this the cold and flu season and noses and eyes can be red and puffy. Definitely not a look you want right before the festive party season.

Sadly winter is upon us, our golden glow from summer may soon be leaving us but it is possible to hang on to soft, dewy beautiful skin into the winter months with a little expert know-how…

A good skincare regime is important all year round but especially when our skin is under attack from the miserable winter conditions.

Top tips to amazing winter skin:

  • Ensure your clients get booked ahead for their skincare appointments to ensure they don’t miss out right before Christmas as your diary gets filled up with those wanting party pampering.
  • Clients may wish to exfoliate to help with dry, flaking skin although they should avoid doing this too often as it may exacerbate the condition. A good suggestion is for such clients to have bi-monthly facials where you can provide this for them and they can moisturise in between to keep things smoother. A great treatment to learn and offer this time of year is microdermabrasion. Costs for purchasing or hiring a machine have greatly reduced (typically from around £200 to purchase a basic machine) and the treatment can be learnt on our 1 Day Microdermabrasion Course. Just 3-4 treatments and you would have earned back your costs, a course of treatments is advised helping you build a regular client easily.
  • Recommend your clients purchase home care products to help them maintain results between treatments – a good moisturiser is essential for ALL clients, although a full regime of cleansing and toning along with specialist products like cream and décolletage are also advisable to keep problematic skin conditions under control.
  • Products containing nourishing ingredients, naturally derived like coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and lavender will all help with skin soothing, protection and repair.
  • Don’t forget the lips – a good lip hydrating product to protect and soothe is vital to ensure lipstick stays true and avoids sore, flaking lips. Products which help to seal moisture are also helpful such as those containing natural waxes like beeswax or coconut oil.
  • Spray tans allow clients to keep that summer glow while avoiding the risks of UV exposure from use of tanning beds. For those having spray tan treatments, remember results may not last as long. Prep products are important to get best results (exfoliating before coming for a tan treatment) and moisturising is essential to keep results looking even for longer. Tans may need to be repeated every 2 weeks in the winter and to encourage clients to have these for more than just special occasions, you might like to offer a promotion such as free pre and post treatment retail product pack with every course of spray tans booked. Discover our Online Spray Tanning Course to learn these treatments online, from home quickly and easily.

Get started learning incredible new treatments to extend your treatment offering this Winter with our fast track accredited courses and Online training options…

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