These 51 Discounted Shoes Are Almost Too Good to Be True

If you’re anything like us, then there’s one thing you can never turn down: a good sale. Right now is one of the best times of the year to shop, and we have a number of things on our wish list, starting with new shoes. We searched high and low across the internet for the best after Christmas deals and found everything from fun sneakers to designer heels.

Ahead, you can shop our massive selection of 51 hot picks that will no doubt update your closet for 2020. Whether you’re on the hunt for new Nike running shoes to hit the gym or over-the-knee snake print boots, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to shop these impressive finds before they sell out.

From Outerwear to Accessories, Here’s What to Buy at Banana Republic’s After Christmas Sale

We’ve said it once (really, more like every single year), but we’ll say it again: how has Christmas already come and gone?! All the stress of gifting, cooking, and coordinating plans with our families is already a thing of the past. Now it’s time to bring on all the Boxing Day sales, including Banana Republic’s After Christmas Sale.

We’re no strangers to the fashion retailer’s incredible (and, lucky for us, frequent) sales, but its current selection of discounted, post-holiday pieces is particularly exciting. Tons of styles we’ve been eyeing all season long – from warm outerwear to dresses for all occasions – are included, and we’re already dreaming up all the looks we can create in 2020. Ready to see for yourself? Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite sale finds, spanning timeless wardrobe essentials, major trends, and accessories for days. Keep scrolling to explore and shop them before they sell out.

Hair scrunchies are set to be HUGE for 2020 and these are the styles that’ll be major

As far as low pain, high gains go, hair accessories are up there with midi dresses as the two-second throw-on solution to instantly make you look more dressy (without actually having to make much effort at all).

And while headbands and hair clips are still very much a go-to (searches for the latter have increased by 930%), the humble and oft-derided scrunchie, has in fact won the top spot as the hair appendage we’re all interested in stocking up on.

Pinterest revealed a stonking 6309% surge in searches for the term “hair scrunchies” in its recent Pinterest 100 report, which means, despite not really paying scrunchies much attention since they were our favourite primary school accessory, they’re back in a big way for 2020.

Bonus, they’ve been updated with a fresh twist to bring them up to date. Static fabrics are out and luxe materials like silk and leather are in with plush brands like Versace, Jennifer Behr and Ganni getting in on the action, too.

As for how to style them, sling them round a low ponytail or bun, keeping the style loose and relaxed and – yep – it appears our long-forgotten scrunchie has grown-up with us.

10 Hotels Opening in 2020 That We’re Adding to Our Bucket List ASAP

Travel is a new year’s resolution we can always get behind, and this year, there are plenty of amazing places to add to your bucket list. But if you don’t know quite where to start, new hotels are the perfect place, especially because there are plenty of noteworthy ones openings in 2020 that are sure to get the travel bug in you going.

From an exciting luxury property in Riviera Maya in Mexico to a trendy female empowerment-focused property in Washington DC, we’ve rounded up the top hotels that we’ve got our eyes on. Whether you’re planning a girls’ getaway or a solo adventure, here are the 10 hotels opening in 2020 that you definitely need to visit.

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