May 24, 2024

Kate Middleton just revealed exactly how she stays fit

When it comes to fitness, it’s all about personal preference. Some people are die-hard gym fanatics, while others prefer to do dance YouTube workouts in the comfort of their own home, and others swear by their daily swims.

For Kate Middleton, however, the answer to how she keeps up her exercise routine is more simple: She runs around after her kids.

During a recent reception for the England Wheelchair Rugby League team in Hampton Court Palace, the Princess of Wales was asked whether her children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, play sport.

“We’re always slightly competitive with each other. They all love sport and Louis is mad about rugby,” the 41-year-old said. “They are at an age where they just love running around. ”

When asked if she herself went to the gym, Kate said: “It’s running around after the children — I do it all, whenever I can squeeze in exercise I do, even jumping on the trampoline with my children before school. » Who knew a royal would be a fan of trampolining, eh?

Kate is known for her love of fitness — and previous reports have labelled her as a keen runner. Mike Tindall once described Kate as an “engine” because “she loves running, she can run all day”.

Kate Middleton has always been a fitness fan.

Kate Middleton has always been a fitness fan.

At least Kate has a touch more space to be able to do her exercises now. Prince William and Kate moved their family out to Windsor from London last year ahead of the new school term.

Leaving behind Kensington Palace Apartment 1A, where they’ve lived ever since Prince George was born, and where Princess Diana lived before them, the family relocated to Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Castle estate.

The cottage, which was built in 1831, has four rooms in total, and underwent a major renovation back in 2015.

The relocation means that Kate and Will’s neighbours include Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who live in the Royal Lodge on the estate, and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, who live with their one-year-old son August in Frogmore Cottage. Oh, happy family!

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