April 20, 2024

Karl Lagerfeld Made Nautical Fashion for the Street (Style) at Chanel’s Cruise 2019 Show

In lieu of an exotic destination, Chanel staged its Cruise 2019 runway show right at home in Pariss Grand Palais. But Karl Lagerfeld and his team managed to make it feel like more of a voyage, erecting a literal cruise ship as the backdrop (and party venue) for the runway.

And what do you get when you marry a nautical theme with a Parisian brand and setting? Berets, obviously, and lots of em.

Already a budding street style trend, it looks as if berets will likely become truly inescapable next fashion month —something from Chanels runway shows always does. Thats to say nothing of the adorable white or silverMary Jane flats most models wore — ideal for both land and sea, and likely to become a trend with Lagerfelds stamp of approval, especially given their wearability and comfort factor.

While the accessories were very classic-with-a-twist, some of the clothes had a modern edge, as well. Many looks were matching sets, with a cropped top or jacket and high-waisted skirt or pant bottom; they came in signature Chanel tweeds, crisp whites, spring-y gingham and even shiny leather. Those looks were balanced out by some classic suiting and more casual pieces, like striped pants paired with a sweater emblazoned with the phrase “La Pausa,” the name of a villa Coco Chanel built and owned on the French Riviera. Most looks were styled with opaque white tights for an added dose of girly preppiness.

The whole thing screamed casual wealth and was likely reminiscent of what someone like Coco Chanel would have worn on vacation. While the collection was definitely wearable, with modern pieces aplenty to pick out for more buttoned-up street style wares, the overall aesthetic felt far from what anyone would wear on vacation today (especially on an American cruise ship) — and reminds us how dated the concept of a Cruise season really is. At the same time, the glamour of it all kind of makes us want to trade in our breezy summer dresses and denim cutoffs for something a little more elevated.

Meanwhile, Lagerfeld completed his traditional end-of-runway bow without his now-10-year-old godson Hudson Koenig, whos accompanied Lagerfeld at nearly every show since Chanels Spring 2011 presentation in 2010. Instead, the houses Fashion Studio Director Virginie Viard was by his side — could Viard, about whom the fashion industry at large knows very little, be poised to take over from Lagerfeld should he retire? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, well have really cute Mary Janes to wear while we wait.

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