What cosmetics will make you happy?

Nand the street becomes cold, on the soul, dull, and everybody needs a piece of happiness. Butyricum to cope with seasonal depression easier for everyone else – you can please yourself with new tools (and don’t forget – soon the New year, time for miracles).

So that each could believe in a miracle, the Dior brand released a seasonal collection Midnight Wish. Those funds Peter Philips, creative Director of makeup brand like performed the cherished desire of every woman – cosmetics highlight your natural beauty and allow you to experiment with images.

All shades of medium – bright and saturated.

The line includes the legendary Rouge Dior lipstick in a beautiful case with crystals, two palettes of shadows 5 Coleurs timername with shimmering shades, highlighter-veil of Starlight, a limited-edition Diorific lipsticks and nail polishes with shades to match the lipsticks.

Какая косметика сделает вас счастливой?

Editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova tried new items and were told how they can make happy every girl (even if she doesn’t like to paint).

Diorific Lipstick, Dior

Помада Diorific, Dior

That limited edition lipstick brand I had love, I already told (if you missed it – read here). Love is honored – creamy texture, decent durability and nice colors. But the new year’s collection will make everyone feel the makeup.

At least no celebration is complete without red lipstick, and she in collection chic – the right shade Triomphante, which do not yellow the teeth and flawlessly apply and has a special charm. It will be passed to you, you only need lipstick and make a wish.

Reticulation shadow 5 Couleurs, Lucky Star, Dior

Палетка теней 5 Couleurs, Lucky Star, Dior

To the shadows of the brand before is not watched, but this palette has won me over in shades: pure gold, rich ochre, brown chic, reminiscent of the skin, and full-bodied Bordeaux – here is where carousing.

The shade of lipstick and if you shade on the eyelid. Shades semernya, so better take the brush or, even better, apply the eyeshadow wet. And go dancing, preferably until morning. For Breakfast without fear look in the mirror – eye makeup will remain in place.

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