How do I care for oily skin

Neravna battle with the sebaceous glands can be conducted indefinitely long time: to know the reason the doctors (after passing tests), do not eat spicy food and drink plenty of pure water…

And it is extremely important to review your daily care! SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina – what tools will help to cope with a greasy luster, and what beauty finds have to be in your purse.

1 stage: cleansing

The most important step for me. In whatever state I was not – never go to bed with makeup on. Here I pass 2 stages: the withdrawal directly makeup micellar water and washing foam or gel.

My favorite make-up remover – Bioderma Sensibio. This mitsellyarnoi we live in perfect harmony for 4 years and in the rare moments of change in the beginning of our relationship I regretted his spontaneous decision. First, there is no doubt that this tool is the best on many parameters: there is no tightness, economical, hypoallergenic composition and range of sizes allows you to choose a suitable displacement from the travel baby 100 ml to my pet giant 500 ml. I take a break for 1.5 months and switched to Bioderma Sebium, which, in principle, the description is more suited to owners of oily skin. But the soul is more to the pink bottle. I try to buy it in Paris, in his beloved secret (to tourists) pharmacy where you can always find offer – 2х500 ml for € 19. Time-tested quality and queues that end at times on the street.

By the way, this is one of favorite tools not only artists, but also the most famous women: Bioderma has long held in high esteem, the actress Natalie Portman, models Romy Strayed and Stella Maxwell.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Next, proceed directly to purification. Don’t believe those who say that the micellar water can not wash away. Everything is exactly the opposite, and surfactants (micelles) that remain on the skin is not washed away with plain water (More talked about it here). I try to alternate the two remedies to cleanse the skin, my favorite cleanser against pigmentation with nanosilica from Enhel Beauty and a gel cleanser from Kiehl’s Calendula.

With gel I met at the Christmas advent calendar. Gentle, foams well, and smells neutral, and most importantly – performs its functions at 100%. The main ingredient, as you understand from the name – calendula. It is very often seen in the media, to normalize sebum production. Because calendula is a natural antiseptic, and for the owners of oily skin frequent rashes – the classic story. Apply it when your face is small inflammation and need more delicate care.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

The second variant of cleansing, which I use most of the time, – foam with nanosilica Japanese brand Enhel Beauty. Pacific water and extracts of rare plants from the island of Okinawa in the doing incredible. For example, fermented papain, gently removes dead skin cells and acerola – antioxidant, which contains 34 times more vitamin C than lemon promotes cell renewal. Nanosilica not just comfortably distributes air cloud but also cleans every pore. Especially convenient to do in the area of the nose wings. My advice to all who decide to try this “washroom”: every day before use, remove the silicone head and wash in hot water (or rinse it). This will avoid the spread of bacteria and not to bring them into the pores.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Step 2: toning

The final step of any cleansing – toning. At the time I thought this stage is pointless and unnecessary. Why spend money on another bottle when you can just clean fresh skin to apply the cream? And then I took the test for hydration … and a little surprised by the result – about 30%. This is how and why? A beautician once said, what a tonic I use for my red cheeks and silent person understood. Since then, my beauty shelf is a treasured bottle of blue Active Pureness from comfort zone – my very first and favorite of this brand.

Now comes the fun part – the owners are prone to oily skin pH is shifted to acidic side. After washing, the skin becomes “alkaline”, and need a tonic to normalize the acid-alkaline balance. We, like anyone else, you can not skip this step. If you do not have tonic, then you can choose here.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Step 3: hydration

Creams, oils, serums, and you can… you have to break with the seasons. But there are three, in my opinion, the universal medium that transcends the seasons.

Start with the recent discovery of a balancing cream with extract of white tea from Danish brand JorgObé. I think that many first heard of the brand. So here in the West, he has long been held in high esteem. A very versatile tool, able to replace, and night and day care, and even a mask. To evaluate the effect after two or three days: the fat content in the T-zone significantly less and if the glitter is noticeable, it’s more like a “healthy” glow. And it’s all thanks to a patented extract of palm fruit Regu®Seb that restores the natural balance of the skin. The cream is a natural formulation, which is more like a list of ingredients for something tasty: jojoba oil (moisturizing), licorice root, and rosemary (lining color of the skin), argan and sesame oils (softening the skin). Licorice root, sugar beet and rosemary even skin tone, and the white tea protects against premature aging. And for dessert – quite nekusachie price (2 020 RUB.).

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Many (especially owner oily skin) try to avoid oily texture. But I will allay your doubts – willing to use night oils and happy! Renight Oil from comfort zone softens and nourishes, not sticky, leaves no oily residue and does everything the manufacturer promises. The convenient dropper allows you to put on your skin the right amount – no more, no less! 2-3 drops of oil on the arm, then heat the tool in the palms and apply to face, neck and decollete “pressing” movements. The morning to see nourished and fresh skin. Oil can be used both separately and under the primary eye care in the form of a cream or serum.

There are no silicones, and 97.5% ingredients of natural origin brand: oil of Goji berries (which is paired with vitamin E provides a powerful antioxidant effect), macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil provide hydration throughout the night.

Exfoliation mask Rexaline Hydra-Shock, which I told in our Instagram. This tool is a real godsend for owners of all types of skin. What I just did and what new roles did not discovered Hydra-Shock: the mask at night – super moisturizing for the whole day, 30 minutes to the skin of the neck – good-bye, ring of Venus (better rate and observe the result within a month). In General, you have. It is very necessary! You will not regret any spent ruble/dollar/Euro. Remember that oily skin is usually less hydrated, and Hydra-Shock will be instantaneous charge. Can be used as a rapid means of preparing for an important out.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Stage 4: SOS-tools and masks

None of us is born with a built-in pastuna. And rashes, caused by different reasons, is a frequent phenomenon. Help me to deal with them two tools: mask Anti-Blemish solutions from Clinique and Korean cream spot from apieu NonCo.

The mask is clay-based perfectly eliminates oily Shine, but use it strictly for 5 minutes as instructed. And best of all – only in the T-zone. In the case of inflammation, I take a q-tip and paint a spot for 4-5 hours. If the inflammation is very strong, then leave overnight.

Cream-spot with NonCo tea tree oil has been found in “Girlfriend” for 350 rubles “on trial”. And very much was surprised: pink (due to the calamine – a pink powder) a dense cream in a tiny tube (15 ml) “cheers” to cope with redness and rashes. Use it often to travel, as climate change and water is not always a positive effect on appearance. And convenient size means it easily fits in a purse. In the composition, as you have seen, tea tree oil, which is well known since ancient times for their beneficial properties in fighting acne rash and inflammation. And the cream among the active substances are extract of Centella. It has anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

Nebuti but useful hacks. Sometimes they lie on the surface, but for some reason many ignore them. So:

1. Keep in your purse matting napkins. They will allow you to bring in the divine form of makeup that suddenly scored a shining spot in the T-zone. I have in this case always Invisimatte Blotting Paper from Fenty Beauty.

2. Disinfect and rinse the tools with which to apply makeup. I am at this moment literally turned and I use wipes for cleansing from Manly Pro, and then washed the sponge and brush with soap water.

Как я ухаживаю за жирной кожей

3. Use for face individual personal towel and change it 2 (minimum) times a week.

4. Weekly wash your pillowcase – you have no idea how many “unwholesome” is going into the tissues during sleep. I even trained myself to sleep on my back – I sincerely believe that this has a positive impact on the no formation of premature wrinkles. Just ask your beautician “guess which side of the person I’m sleeping!”. Less than a second you’ll be discovered.

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