How to relieve the skin from stress?

Macry snow, frost and wind – your skin also feels that Russia, finally, winter came? Redness, peeling, dull complexion: your skin has apparent stress. Aides in healthy skin choose proven tools that are aimed at dealing with seasonal stress.

Such was the brand Skinbiotic, which experts say the most important thing – the health of the skin. If you exercise, eat properly and regularly take care of themselves, the cosmetics you don’t need – the person will become blooming.

Mark offers a professional approach to skin care that you saw the result, after salon care. All the brand’s lineup (a total of four) is fully adapted to use them at home easily and gladly.

The secret is in the unique compositions. Mark joined probiotics, natural ingredients and Superfoods (what is it – read here) in order to achieve maximum results in a short time (wow-the effect is noticeable after a few weeks).

Editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova, has tried to the skin from stress with the help line Youth Activist.

“I was not worried about the redness and peeling – they can be easily avoided by regular hydration and protection. But with the darkness of a person to fight harder – even with a radiant primer and highlighter skin doesn’t look healthy. Have noticed that it has become less elastic: even after a frosty walk and firming serums.

Decided not to give up and find a personal trainer for the skin (it is so promising to work means Skinbiotic). The first “course” went enzyme powder “Coffee To Go”.

Как избавить кожу от стресса?

Like the name – if every morning I Wake up your body with a Cup of hot drink on the way to work, why not “Wake up” and the skin? Medium fine grind is reminiscent of the peeling – promises to halt the first signs of aging, my skin but it worked as a catalyst. Improved complexion, appeared a faint blush. A nice bonus – getting rid of blackheads and smooth skin.

There is in the extract of green coffee (everyone knows that it is more useful black?). It also stimulates the cells and improves blood circulation. Pour half the spoon on your palm, mixed with water, produces a light mousse that does not injure and does not scratch the skin. Ginger in the composition, too, is no accident – it is responsible for healthy color of the face remained for a long time.

One cleanser is not enough: I have reserved another two creams Anti-age Light and Rich “Spring peas”. The name gives rise to some funny associations, including the beds at the cottage.

Как избавить кожу от стресса?

All right, the main ingredient in the composition of the pea. It is as if giving the skin a “shock” dose of energy and saturates it with moisture (which is especially important in winter). Even if you are still too young to fight wrinkles, do not give up this tool – it will bring the skin from stress already within a couple of applications will notice a healthy complexion, radiance and hydration.

But if the first wrinkles have already started to worry, the cream will help to fight with them, but not visually smoothing and improving the skin’s metabolism (Yes, she has one).

The composition is similar to lunch in the healthy restaurant: peas, Chia seeds, watercress, Shea butter and almonds (Rich version added more butter, cocoa beans, macadamia nut and corn to enhance the effect). But this combination works: the skin becomes elastic and smooth (about stress and irritation can be forgotten until the end of winter).

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