June 17, 2024

K-Beauty haircare is officially a thing and it’ll give you the glossiest hair of your life

Not unlike balayage, avocado toast, white trainers and your shady ex-boyfriend, K-Beauty just won’t die. I mean, Superdrug have even launched an entire K-beauty section, so you can get cloudless skin on a budget.

Rubber face masks, jelly moisturisers and essences are now part of the norm and skincare has never been so fun with jade rollers and Gua Shas in the mix too.

But nobody likes to rest on one’s laurels, and it was only a matter of time before K-Beauty started becoming part of our hair routines too…

So what’s the deal with K-beauty hair?

Don’t worry, it’s no ten-step routine that will make your shower time astronomically long, but it does involve multiple steps. K-Beauty hair is focused on parred back ingredients (often opting for sulphate and paraben-free formulas), unique delivery methods (think sheet masks for hair that you heat in the mircowave), with a real focus on scalp health.

Cloudless skin is the latest skincare craze from Korea (here’s how to get it)

K-beauty scalp health

While the rest of us have only just caught up on the importance of scalp health (for removing product build-up, eliminating dandruff and relieving itchy scalps), Koreans have been treating the skin on their crowns like kings for years.

“Koreans recognise that at the root of good hair, is good scalp care. It’s not unusual for a scalp massage to be a weekly, and sometimes daily, addition to their beauty regime”, says celebrity hair stylist, Wendy Iles.

“You can buy tools to do this but I prefer to use my fingers to apply pressure, moving in small circular motions to stimulate blood flow and lift debris and excess oil from the scalp. Healthy follicles mean your shampoo will work harder too. ”

It really is as simple as giving your scalp a little extra TLC.

K-beauty shine

Many Koreans are already genetically-blessed with sleek, shiny hair but it doesn’t mean they skimp on the gloss in their routines.

Wendy says hair serum is the easiest way to achieve this, recommending her Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum (£42. 50).

As some Asian hair types tend to become oily quite quickly, application is focused on the ends and mists are usually favoured as they can be layered lightly without weighing the hair down.

This ingredient is the secret to all our favourite K-Beauty products

What kind of K-beauty hair products can we expect?

The K-Beauty approach to hair products, isn’t all too different to K-Beauty skincare products.

“They’re leading the trend for the ‘skinification’ of hair, so we’re seeing more and more exfoliating treatments and scalp massage tools and products in the Asian market”, says Wendy.

“Salicylic acid, more commonly found in acne treatments, is frequently included in exfoliating treatments to remove debris, product build-up and excess oil. ”

Protection from pollution and environmental aggressors is also popular in East Asia, especially in densely populated cities. Products rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins provide a shield against the ‘city smog’ by protecting from against UV rays, free radicals, and humidity.

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