April 17, 2024

Justin Bieber’s new documentary ‘Our World’ will be premiering on Amazon next month and NO this is not a drill

TitledJustin Bieber: Our World– a play on thename of his debut album ‘My World’ – the documentary is directed by Michael D. Ratner (who also directedDemi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil) and will be released next month.

As well as following the lead-up to Justin’s New Year’s Eve 2020 performance on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton, the documentary is expected to include candid moments between Justin and his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Fresh from his debut as the unlikely star of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMs campaign, Justin Bieber his hitting the headlines once again. This time, however, it’s because he’s starring in a new documentary, which follows the build-up to his first live performance in three years.

What will Justin Bieber: Our World be about?

In a press release (via Nylon), the film will follow “Bieber and his close-knit team in the month leading up to the show, as they rehearse and construct a monumental stage while adhering to strict health and safety protocols. The film also captures personal, self-shot moments between Bieber and his wife Hailey. ”

What’s Justin said about Justin Bieber: Our World?

In a statement, Justin said, “Performing live and connecting with my fans through music is deeply meaningful to me. Especially during the past year, being able to provide a service and share my gifts to bring some happiness to people during such a sad and scary time has meant the world to me.

“This film documents an intense and exciting time, preparing for a return to the stage during this season of real uncertainty. Coming together with my team, overcoming the obstacles, and delivering a special show, surrounded by friends and family; it’s all here. ”

The documentary’s director Michael D. Ratner added, “I couldn’t be prouder of our continued partnership with Justin as well as the SB Films team and the collaborative effort by all to make this project possible. Amazon Studios is the ideal partner to share this inspiring and feel-good film on a global scale. Make sure to watch it with the volume maxed out. ”

When will Justin Bieber: Our World be released?

On Instagram, Amazon Prime announced that the documentary will be released on 8 October 2021. They said, “A musical career that spans a lifetime. Justin Bieber: Our World arrives October 8 on Prime Video. ”

Is there a trailer for Justin Bieber: Our World?

Not as such, but Justin did post this little teaser to his Instagram:

Belieber film night, anyone?

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