April 20, 2024

Just some stunning selfies of celebrities wearing no makeup, from J. Lo to Lady Gaga

Recently, Lady Gaga treated her followers to a fresh-faced, up close and personal selfie with the sun gleaming off her natural skin and she looked beautiful. We were also extremely envious of her summery surroundings as she appeared to be stood in a lovely floral garden.

We’re all so used to seeing our favourite celebrities in full glam on the red carpet or at exclusive Hollywood parties, but it’s becoming increasingly common for the A-list to share intimate, makeup-free selfies on their social media platforms – and we couldn’t be more here for it.

Seeing a celebrity (who has millions of people judging their every move) forgo their makeup routines feels encouraging and totally liberating. After all, between our daily makeup routines and social media filters, it can sometimes feel daunting to go totally barefaced.

Similarly, Adele posted a stunning shot of herself on her Instagram to mark her 33rd birthday, with the caption “Thirty Free”, suggesting she found embracing her natural beauty incredibly liberating.

Then there’s J. Lo, who recently wowed with shots of her 52nd birthday, which she celebrated alongside blast-from-the-past beau Ben Affleck. Alongside glamorous images of the singer wearing beautiful beachy ensembles, she also posted snaps of her skincare routine, as well as intimate family photos.

That’s not to say they don’t have a head start. After all, they do have access to the best dermatologists, facialists and aesthetic doctors the world has to offer, as well as the inside track on the latest cosmetic treatments and skin-boosting products.

Nonetheless, it does serve as a reminder that our natural skin is something to celebrate and all of the things we once considered to be “imperfections” are actually just as grid-worthy as when we’re rocking full coverage foundation and a statement smokey eye or bright red lip.

Still need convincing? Check out all of these barefaced beauties and tell us you’re not tempted to do the same…

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