Join Glamour and Swarovski for a special event celebrating the small pleasures in our everyday lives

Guys, we’ll level with you: 2020 has been one hell of a tough year. Let’s be real, no matter how optimistic we are, sometimes it’s felt damn near impossible to have that glass-half-full outlook this year.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the past few months, it’s the importance of finding the positive in amongst all the unknown; those moments of happiness in the day-to-day that remind us how special life can be. Because when we’re feeling stressed or anxious, when everything feels uncertain and scary, sometimes it’s the small, seemingly ephemeral moments in life that can have the most significant positive impact on how we feel.

It could be mastering a new delish recipe. It could be having a solo dance party in the kitchen to our favourite tune. Or it could be simply soaking into a luxurious bubble bath for some well-deserved self-care. Whatever it looks like to you, at GLAMOUR we know how important those mood-boosting moments are to our mental wellbeing, especially right now.

That’s exactly why we wanted to team up with the guys at Swarovski, who launched their #SparkDelight campaign, to bring you a special event all about finding and celebrating those small pleasures in life.

On November 4, GLAMOUR’s Entertainment Director Josh Smith will be joined by best-selling author and influencer Candice Brathwaite and YouTube personality, influencer extraordinaire and author Louise Pentland. For around half an hour, they will be having an honest, candid chat about what they’ve been doing over the whirlwind of the past few months to ‘spark delight’, how to be positive and stay motivated, and offering tips, tricks and life hacks for how to truly hold on to those mood-boosting moments, especially when life gets tough.

Candice rose to fame as a ‘mummy blogger’ campaigning for the diversification of motherhood in the media and her debut book I Am Not Your Baby Mother, published in May, shot to the top of The Sunday Times Bestsellers list.

Candice says: “More than ever, this past year has really forced me to magnify the small things that spark delight – be it learning to cook pasta sauce from scratch, sitting with my puppy or trying to learn to roller skate. These things would perhaps never have even registered as important to me, let alone as things that could help spark delight and punctuate long days that all seemed to roll into one.”

Louise is known as the UK’s No1 parenting vlogger and has over 2.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she talks openly and positively about all things motherhood, beauty and plus-size fashion. “I’ve had the chance to reflect this year and spend quality time with my two girls,” Louise says. “It’s really important to remember this mummy-daughter time together and appreciate the positives in what’s been a tough chapter for many.

“For me the strong themes that represent the year are love, togetherness, patience, kindness and community. I think we’ve all seen those qualities in abundance. Many of us have had to reset and enjoy the simple precious pleasures again.”

Yep, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In fact, that’s exactly why the Swarovski team launched their #SparkDelight campaign – to create a nationwide conversation around positivity and embracing those simple yet seriously important pleasures. Of course, we’re no strangers to the fact that Swarovski have been sparking delight with their sparkling, crystal-embellished products for 125 years now, and their new autumn/winter collection includes both statement glamorous styles and new takes on their classic best-sellers. Seriously, we can’t be the only ones who have had Swarovski on their Christmas wish list since we were about nine years old?

Because after all, giving someone the gift of beautiful, sparkling jewellery (or as a treat for ourselves!) has to be one of life’s best-ever joyful moments.

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