June 17, 2024

John Krasinski Wants to Share Good News With the World

During a time of confusion, John Krasinski is on a mission to share positivity with the world from his own home. The Quiet Place actor recently revealed “Some Good News” on YouTube; a place where he can promote heartwarming and impactful stories that can brighten a day.

Part of this brightness comes in the form of his former costar on The Office, Steve Carell, who made a virtual appearance to chat about the show’s 15-year anniversary.

John and Steve – aka the “Entertainment Correspondent” – clearly still have a ton of fun together, as they kept making the other crack-up during their call. They reminisced about favorite moments and the cast’s bond, along with special memories of the show.

In addition to Steve’s fun cameo, John also featured another special guest during the show: his new hero, Coco. Watch the full video above to see John’s interviews with both Steve and Coco. Fingers crossed we get more of these clips in the future!

50+ True-Crime Documentaries on Netflix That Will Actually Give You Nightmares

There’s a reason the interest in true-crime documentaries on Netflix spiked over the years. The chilling details behind these real-life cases have gripped people, communities, and viewers for years, due to the fact that horrible things happen, and they happen a lot more than we like to think.

From that one disturbing clue left behind in a cold case that can’t be cracked to the downright horrifying facts of a man who was thought to have it all in Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, these stories scare viewers to their core yet completely engulf and intrigue them like nothing else they’ve seen before.

Movie-lovers know that Netflix has a wide variety of gripping documentaries, but the most fascinating ones involve the real stories behind the crimes that happen in our society, the bone-chilling perpetrators, and the lives that are ultimately left changed forever. If you’re interested in learning about infamous serial killers, chilling cold cases, baffling kidnappings, and controversial cults, watch these true-crime documentaries on Netflix now.

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