February 21, 2024

JLo’s hair stylist simply allow slip the most convenient shortcut to an abundant ponytail

When it concerns hair, JLo, Kim Kardashian and also Dua Lipa all have a trump card. His name? Chris Appleton. The Brit-born, LA-based stylist is the skill behind several of the superstars’ most iconic appearances— from Kim’s bleached blonde Met Gala switch-up, to JLo’s half time coiffure at the Super Bowl.

Chris has worked on shoots, red rugs and events and also— no-doubt— along the road, he’s had to develop some fast and imaginative solutions when brief on schedule. Which is why he’s the male to visit for some seriously effective hair hacks.

He’s formerly splashed the trick to an XXL Ariana ponytail (2 ponytails stacked one in addition to the other) and also recently he’s offered us a faster way to some seriously phwoar volume, too, for horses that look a little sad and also limp. In a current Instagram message, Chris shared a video of xx with the caption, «try this volumizing horse hack. »

After creating a normal mid-height ponytail at the crown of the head, Chris moved the hair band back a couple of centimetres to loosen it. He produced an opening in the hair simply above the band, after that folded the braid under the band and also backwards completely through the hole to produce added height, considering that the braid rests on top of the band.

He drew the braid tighter to cinch it up also highter and finished by tousling it with his fingers. The result, he says, is double the volume, which we can definitely work with. It’s not the first very easy hair hack that’s caught our attention, given that we enjoy marginal initiative, optimum impact designs over below.

If you’re in the market for a lot more, inspect out the two-minute hair crinkling hack that cuts ages off everyday waves thanks to a simple trick. Or the pinch hair hack for a basic shortcut to additional quantity as well as movement in seconds.

Or the cable knot bun, which provides rather messy-glam hair that looks a lot harder to produce than it is. . .

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