April 20, 2024

Jhené Aiko’s Secrets to Achieving Flawless Skin and a Razor-Sharp Cat Eye

“I don’t like to feel like I have on makeup,” she said. “I like to feel like my skin is still able to breathe. That’s exactly what the True Portrait Foundation feels like. It’s medium coverage and lets my littleand things shine through, and that’s important to me. ”

Two of the most notable features of R&B singer and songwriter signature beauty look are her flawless skin and razor-sharp cat eye. Regarding the former, she credits a holistic approach that includes sleep (“it makes a huge difference in how my skin looks and my mood as well,” she told POPSUGAR), a plant-based diet, dedication to certain skincare potions (some of which she creates herself), and one Kat Von D Beauty.

The spokesperson for the brand’s new medium-coverage ($36) says she uses it to even out her skin tone.

As you can see, Aiko pays special attention to what she applies to her skin, and she keeps her routine consistent whether she’s at home or on tour. “I definitely pack on my serums, moisturizers, and toners,” Aiko said. She also said she uses specific ingredients on her skin like lavender (to calm), calendula (to hydrate), and ming oil (to quell irritation) and bathes in oatmeal when her skin is especially dry. “It depends what I’m going through,” she said.

While her day-to-day beauty look is a fresh face with glowing skin, she adds a cat eye for moments she is performing. When it comes to the look, Aiko’s inspiration is rooted in her love of cats (the animal, although she does take it to the next level with her makeup). She has used the ($20) for years. “It’s become a signature look for me,” she said. “I love all things cats. My cat eye helps me feel closer to my feline friends and spirit guides. ”

To witness Aiko’s unmatched radiance, keep scrolling to see her best beauty looks.

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