April 20, 2024

Jessica Alba’s clean beauty line, Honest Beauty, has landed in the UK

The brainchild of actress and clean living advocate,Jessica Alba, Honest Beauty prides itself on using the insight of top makeup artists and cosmetic scientists to develop a collection that’s as effective as it is safe. We’re already sold.

The clean beauty market is booming right now, with beauty buffs seeking cleaner, organic and synthetic-free products to add to their makeup bags.

One brand who trailblazed the movement over in the US long before the rest of the world caught on was Honest Beauty.

Thanks to their vetted and verified ingredients, Honest Beauty is one of the original clean beauty brands – and it’s pocketed Jessica Alba millions.

The brand launched in 2015 and was only ever available in the States. Until now. High street stalwart Boots, which is quickly becoming the go-to beauty destination, is now selling the range in the UK and we’re preparing for a stampede.

Despite being the brainchild of a multi-millionaire, the formulations are surprisingly affordable. One of the heroes of the range, the £16 Honest Beauty Magic Beauty Balm, features a blend of fruit and botanical oils that works wonders on lips, cuticles and dry spells everywhere with just a touch, apparently. The £32 Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil is a blend of pure seed and fruit oils help nourish skin and restore vital moisture while rose, ylang ylang and clove oils lend the silky formula its subtle, natural scent.

We can’t wait to hit the high street and snap up some of these incredible clean beauty products.

What is clean beauty?

While the term clean is open to interpretation, Adam Kielbasa, Head of Training at The Organic Pharmacy, says clean is a way of stating that a product is non-toxic; “Clean (or non-toxic – the term more widely used in the US) indicates that product is free from certain actives that may be of health concern to the customer. Because there isn’t a standardised definition of “clean”, this can mean different things to different brands or consumers.

At The Organic Pharmacy “clean” is the umbrella that covers organic ingredients, Ecocert approved preservatives, no petrochemicals or silicones, no potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or ingredients with contaminants (i. e. parabens, chemical sunscreens, phthalates, BHT, PEGs). ”

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